Friday, 10 October 2014


Just managed to catch this little doozy on youtube, and while I live in the southern hemisphere and it hurts to miss out on shows this cool, I feel much better knowing that people are recording shows like this in HD vision and sound. (I have to say the sound came through rather quietly so I'm thinking i'll remaster the sound myself with a volume boost and put it back on youtube ... maybe) 

I must also confess it has been a few years since since I have seen Slayer live, and its good to see them smash out an 'old school' set , while I quite like the song "God Hates Us All" it just sounds lame when played alongside Slayer classics like "Post Mortem" "Black Magic" "The Antichrist" and of course the mating calls of metal heads every where "Raining Blood" and "Angel of Death" ...... Tom Arayas' voice sounds like it's starting to revert back to the 80's sound that made me fall in love with the band, and he even attempted a few of the high pitch screams in "The Antichrist" something I have not heard in 20+ years of obsessively listening to everything Slayer related. This is the best possible Slayer set list I could jam into 45 minutes, and barring Jeff Hanneman rising from the grave and Tom Araya shaving that stupid beard off.

Well done guys ..... I hope that this set is a sign of things to come

Here, my friends is the video in full for your beer drinking, hell-rockin' thrashing pleasure!

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