Monday, 4 January 2016


Hmmm this one was an interesting one for me...... I am not at all familiar with much of anything from the world of Asian horror so I found this one really hard to follow (It probably didn't help that i'd had a few drinks) the cinematic style is much different that what we'd expect in western cinema... much more vibrant and contrasting colours and some truely disturbing visual creations, and waayyyy exaggurated violence

Basically it follows main protagonist Ruka, who is a cop in the not too distant but much more grim version of Japan. Ruka Is an elite cop following in the footsteps of her her father and is looking to avenge his violent death. She hunts down bio mechanically enhanced mutants 'engineers'. This is where I have to be honest and admit I had no idea what was going on for most of the film, the colours and abstract shooting style confused me and I'm sure I missed a lot of the finer points of this film. It must be said that the version of the film I saw had English subtitles so I'm not sure if translation barriers were contributing factor as well.  Lots of WTF moments appear throughout the course of the film ... and even while having no real idea what was going on,  the film is a great visual voyage of abstract but very artistic horror, maybe it is meant to be treated as such,? I have no Idea really....

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