Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Call Girl of Cthulu (2015)

The Call Girl of Cthulu

Obviously this is not something to be taken too seriously. Probably best enjoyed with either a few drinks or the day after a big night when you don't have the mental capacity to watch anything more involved. It's also obviously an indy film and probably done on a shoe string budget. As far as films go its not too bad at all and an enjoyable watch... it follows the trials and tribulations of a young artist, Carter, looking to loose his virginity to a special woman. It just so happens the young lady he falls in love with is not only a hooker but also bears an ancient birth mark, identifying her as the chosen concubine of the ancient deity Cthulu (from HP Lovecrafts works) From there on in Carter has to win the girl and save her from an ancient order of Chtulu Cultists who obviously have other plans for her.

Like I said, don't read too much into it... just turn your brain off and enjoy. As much as I've said this movie is not a "thinker" its not a "stinker" either, it still doesn't insult the intelligence in the way that some (Troma type)  films tend to do. As far as the gore and horror content there's some pretty cool SFX and gore scenes to keep the gore-fiends happy, and a decent level of "perv factor" for those who are looking for a bit of "T and A" as a side for their horror needs. These guys are showing some great potential to keep making more movies and I'll genuinely keep an "eye out" for more of their films in the future

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FROM HELL (2001)

I really liked this one, but star power like Johnny Depp and Heather Graham in it, it was never going to be a slapped together half cooked film. Of course both Depp and Graham do amazing jobs at their roles and aside from being two of the best looking humans on the planet they can really act their parts.

From hell is loosely based on the Jack the ripper story and for my money it is entertaining , the dialogue of the day is portrayed rather well, I loved the accents and the time spent on recreating the old streets of London town and the clothes of the time also contribute to make the film great eye-candy as well.

The film of course stars Depp as the inspector Aberline who is a recovering opium addict and receiver of visions that he uses in his quest to track down the Ripper who is killing prostitutes in the dark alley ways of London town one at a time. He of course takes a liking to Heather Graham's character, Mary whilst trying to solve the murders.

I won't go too far into the plot or get into how closely it follows the book for fear of ruining the plot but there are some great twists and the movie never gets boring. There is enough blood and guts to keep most horror fans satisfied but it wouldn't fall into the extreme category by any means. Probably not an all time classic but a very solid and enjoyable watch

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Saturday, 16 July 2016


HEre's a couple of fiendishly horrendous video clips from the masters of tech-deathmetal Cattle decapitation.... these are probably some of the most brutal video clips I've ever seen! NOT safe for work (or anywhere else for that matter) 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

CYBORG X (2016)

Cyborg X is a overall a pretty cool film, Starring the very easy to look at Eve Mauro and the always well tough Danny Trejo, as well as a whole bunch of tough guys I've never heard of.

The plot centres around "X corp" Who have been manufacturing Cyborgs for the military, that it turns out they can't control. The cyborgs end up laying waste to the research/manufacturing facility and its up to Lt. Spears and her troops to figure out whats going on and hopefully destroy the renegade cyborgs. The film itself flows well and while its not strictly a horror film, more in the action category it should cross over well into both audiences as the violence is pretty meaty!

Is it a classic? No! but its not too bad, good, solid, fast paced (straight to dvd) film that doesn't loose the readers interest. Sometimes you need a solid film that doesn't require too much brain power and this is that film....

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