Friday, 15 February 2019


Despite the internet pannings on facebook horror groups I'm in, I have to say this isn't a bad movie, I'm not sure whether I'd really call it horror, maybe more of a mystery/ thriller or something that does have some dark subject matter, and I think there-in lies the problem. People must be hoping for something gorier or faster paced and that's where I think it looses fans.

I found this one quite interesting as it followed the plight of three young filmmakers, Heather, Mike and Josh investigating mysterious 'occult' happenings / killings connected with witches in a rural American town in Maryland. The filmmakers eventually get lost on their investigative trackings and the tension between the three begins to mount as tempers and tension flares up. Eventually they all crack in their own ways.  The footage is recovered a year later and basically that's what we see as the film. The film takes the concept of found footage (as seen in films like "Cannibal Holocaust") a step further as the found footage basically becomes the film. For what its worth you can feel the tension grow and the acting seems to hold up quite well given the plot of the film. I found it to be enjoyable (though not a classic)

With no known actors or any real special effects this film would have been produced on a miniscule budget (later found out to be around $60k) and grossing an unexpected $240+ million world wide this is an undoubted and somewhat unlikely success for the film makers and a cash cow for the investors. I can't think of any film produced on such a small budget that went on to achieve anything like the success this film has achieved. 

As said before this isn't the fastest paced film and neither is it packed full of gore. But if you're in the mood for something more in a mystery vein this is a pretty cool film! 

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Monday, 11 February 2019

The Children (2008)

Well this one was a pleasant surprise, I've seen a few of the 'Insomnia' produced movies and some of them have been a little average but this one I have to say I enjoyed this one more than the others. It's hardly a classic but definitely sits at a better B grade or above type movie for my thinking.

The plot revolves around a couple of families who have decided to go on a holiday together in a cabin. Casey is teenager with a real shitty teenage / goth chick attitude, and doesn't want to hang around with her extended family on holidays and does her best to bring down the tone of the proceedings.

After the children are put to bed on the first night, things start to go south. one of the kids starts to get sick and bit by bit they all succumb to a  'possession' of sorts and by the next morning one by one the kids start on a murderous rampage.

This movie is quite well made, the kids are a total cuteness overload (I'm a parent) and im a sucker for a good pommie accent, but regarding the cute kids, it really sits at odds with later developments and adds to the atmosphere. The violence and gore levels aren't too bad at all but more importantly the film holds well and there's no major plot holes or instances where it looses focus or becomes boring

Defs a solid watch and worth sourcing out if you can find a copy!

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

WOLF COP (2014)

I really didn't expect too much from a movie called "Wolf Cop" it basically looked like "Teen Wolf" but as a cop...…. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say this still falls into the B Grade category but it was rather entertaining and the film itself was reasonably well done... It certainly didn't feel like the insult to intelligence that some films can fall into

The film follows the exploits of country town cop/sheriff Lou, who is drinking too much and it's starting to affect his work as an officer. Rumours of an occult group operating in the area and stealking / killing pets  are starting to surface and Lou of course has to investigate. Some strange mysterious occult incident occurs, a local politicial is killed    and Lou starts to grow hair in places he was / wasn't growing hair before and yes you guessed starts taking on wolf like qualities

As is to be expected with Lou's nighttime transformations, the body count starts to rise, and Lou (and the other police) find themselves in the predicament of investigating the killings without realizing it was Lou as a werewolf. Lou comes to the realization he is indeed the wolf and decides to become Wolf Cop and fight crime as a superhumanly strong wolf.

Anyway the plot moves fast enough to keep it interesting, some genuinely funny moments, some cool plot twists, an erotic interspecies love scene and some really cool horror effects, so there something for everyone! There's  not a lot to really complain at all so what you are left with is a pretty cool horror movie!

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019


This one was another bought on a punt type deal and I have to say with this one It paid off nicely! Starring Rutger Hauer (Blade runner / Salute of the Jugger / Hobo with a Shotgun) as a sadistic hitch hiker who on a rainy night manages to pick up a ride from a young man Jim. It soon becomes apparent that John (Hauer) is unhinged and start making threats to kill Jim. As the tension increases it is clear the hitcher intends to kill him, but Jim manages to boot him out of the car and flees only to find that John the hitcher is on a murderous rampage and begins to toy with Jim in a deadly game of road "Hide and Seek" for lack of a better word to describe it.

As a stalker Jim is unrelenting and sadistic, he enjoys messing with his victims and this makes for a great watch and the role is played perfectly by Rutger Hauer (… Almost too perfectly some might suspect) The movie is gritty and violent and really keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see how it will turn out.

All in all this is a pretty cool film, it would appeal to fans of Mad Max and Wolf Creek but really most action horror fans should be able to dig this one. There is a more than respectable level of gore and violence but this one might fall more into the thriller category... but either way its a great watch and well worth your time!

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Friday, 28 December 2018


One from the golden age of horror... This film (more widely known as the namesake inspiration behind Rob Zombie's band, White Zombie) holds up remarkably well even now, an immensely watchable film that has earned its place in cult movie history. Shot in black and white and dating back to the 1930's this is probably the earliest of the zombie flicks I have seen.  No gore or special effects to speak of in this film, it has to rely on plot, dramatisation, musical score and acting and it comes across as a very solid film even from the point of view of a modern (well 80's horror fan) movie fan.

The plot follows a young man Neil who is moving up in the world and his soon to be wife Madeline on the island of Haiti, where upon arrival they are greeted by stories and a close encounter of the undead roaming the island at night and working in the sugar mills (Good to see someone smart enough to put those zombies to work... think of all that free labour going to waste in modern zombie films) ... What I like about the story line in this film is that it sits closer to the historical origin of zombies than the "Night of the living dead" style zombies which is a pleasant change. Madeline has also unfortunately attracted the attention of Charles a wealthy businessman from the island who decides that since he can't have her he will turn her into a zombie.

Some kind soul has been kind enough to upload a remastered version of this classic! check it out below!

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Saturday, 22 December 2018


After the mind numbing stupidity that was "Children of the Living Dead" (See last review) I couldn't leave my weekend of horror limited to just that that so I threw on "Cabin Fever" to try and redeem proceedings.

  I don't rate this as Roth's best work as director but I have to say its quite enjoyable, and keeps you interested enough whilst still being simple enough you can watch it while your having a chat with friends or whatever.

The plot revolves around the age old cliché of the group of teenagers going out into the woods to party, they rent a cabin and the usual assortment of teenage hijinx ensures. whilst partying and the usual stuff one of the teens accidently shoots a local who is infected with a strange disease that is rotting his flesh away. The infected local tries to get help from the teenagers but understandably they don't want anything to do with him. Like any good disease it is highly contagious, and the carrier is highly persistent in his endeavors to get back at the teenagers. The teenagers have to stick together and find a way out of the forest without falling prey to the deadly disease which starts to spread. As you can imagine this paves the way for some very decent levels of gore, which I have to say was rather well done, especially considering Mr. Roth shot this film as an independent and it was his first feature length film.

Over all this is a pretty cool film, the acting (from the unkown cast) was as good as it needed to be for this kind of film and the gore effects were meaty and convincing enough to keep most gore hounds happy. and paved the way for Eli Roth to become a household name not only in gore films but mainstream cinema as well after this independently produced film was piced up by NewLine and took in box office takings of around $35 million worldwide (from a $3.5m budget). While this is no classic in my opinion its definitely a pretty solid and enjoyable flick!

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Friday, 21 December 2018


Another attempt to cash in on the monumental legacy of "Night of the Living Dead". This is what I would call "D Grade" horror, it could have easily made it into the realms of "B Grade" horror if the people involved had put a bit more work/time into it, especially with special effects maestro Tom Savini as part of the crew. The acting is a bit hammy (...well not just a bit...) most of the way through the film, but the zombies are quite reasonable and look fairly convincing. Tom Savini takes an early role in the film and also looks pretty convincing.

I'm going to be honest and say I'm not entirely sure what the movie is about, basically there's zombies and stuff, but I got distracted by some off color production work, very unprofessional... the movie seemed in focus for a bit and then went an off color yellow … then back in and this, where I started to focus on finding fault with the movie rather than focusing in on what was going on.

As you could imagine .. I couldn't make it through to the end so whatever... glad I didn't pay much for this one (again it was a flea market punt) but it is a shame to see the "...Living Dead" name dragged through the mud and its also a shame to see Tom Savini wasting his time on such crap. I can't honeslty give this one any kind of recommendation unless your some sort of "Living Dead" completist or you compulsively collect horror down to this level. Best avoid. 

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