Friday, 17 May 2019


It surprises me that this movie is actually this old... But come to think of it, it's been a while since I've seen it, so I decided to chuck it back in the DVD player and give it another spin! This is hardly an intellectual experience or a particularly complicated plot (sure there's few twists...) but it is a hell of a good ride and a great excuse to just let go and sit back and watch the colours and explosions happen across the screen.

Milla Jovovich is rather easy on the eyes and the same can be said about co-star Michelle Rodriguez the two of them play rather similar roles to everything else I've seen them in so no real stretching for either of them here. I'm not a big gamer and never played this one so I have no idea how closely this one followed the plot of the game, but as a movie the plot, set in the not too distant future, revolves around an underground research facility owned by mega corporation "Umbrella corp" who have been working on a biological weapon called a "T-Virus" which escapes through the aircon contaminating the research facility and turning everyone in it into zombies. Alice (Milla Jovovich) and team of mercenaries / operatives are charged with figuring out what's going on down there. This of course lends itself to an array of cool zombies, violence, action moves by Milla and toughness from Michelle Rodrigues. The effects are really cool, and there was obviously a fair bit of cash thrown into this one and it shows. Its quite visually spectacular and rather enjoyable! 

This movie was obviously intended to cash in big time at the box office and that it did! The gore content is not too full on so you can watch it with your non gore-obsessed friends but there's enough of it to keep it interesting plus the action is always faced paced and entertaining! 

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Sunday, 12 May 2019


Another of the fine tradition of Italian Cannibal flicks....This one has all of the usual traits such as nudity, animal cruelty, natural violence and of course cannibalism. I find this one to be one of the more watchable of the genre, it doesn't have the same violent extremity as say Cannibal Holocaust but still weighs in fairly heavily on the depravity scale and would have been rather graphic at the time. This one was one of the earlier films of the genre basically after Man from Deep River (1972).

The film itself revolves around Susan (played by Ursula Andress, the bond girl from Dr No) with her team of trekkers and guides going into Papua New Guinea to find her missing husband, they endure the usual hardships of going into the jungle, evading predatory animals, and the natives whilst witnessing some strange rituals and customs of the indigenous folk of the country. Having Ursula Andress in this film gave this film an air of credibility and nobody is acting above their abilities an there's nothing too corny, and you don't feel like you're watching a  film that is trying to be offensive for the sake of it.

Overall it moved well and I found it quite entertaining and if you're thinking of getting into the cannibal genre this is as good a place as any to start. Definitely worth checking out of you can find a copy of this... If you can't (and its a hard one to find)... here's a streaming version of it …. 

NOTE: My DVD of this isn't that very sharp as far as picture quality goes so I'm not sure if I got a VHS transfer or the film. My DVD is missing some of the footage you may as well watch it here AND this version  to has what is a more complete version with more of the gruesome / explicit content included

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Wednesday, 1 May 2019


This one falls into the category of 'supernatural thriller', at least that's what I think. The movie follows the trials and tribulations of Grace (played by Nicole Kidman) who lives in a large mansion with her two kids. Her husband is missing after the conclusion of the 2nd world war and the house she is staying in would appear to be haunted. Grace is approached by a housekeeping team who had previously worked at the house.

Things get darker as the children and deeply religious Grace are made aware something is going on in the house. The children have seen things and Grace does not want to believe (or more to the point her religious convictions prevent her from believing) but eventually she comes to the realization that something more than the family and housekeeping has taken residency in the house

Nicole Kidman of course does an exemplary job of acting out her character and the two child actors are marvelous as well. This would not be strictly a horror movie but more a thriller but the acting and plot development make for a gripping tale that is expertly executed by director Alejandro Amenaber (from Spain) who to be honest I'd never heard of before. The film won a raft of awards in his home country and for good reason. The attention to detail and dialogue really puts this a level above most horror movies … and many movies in the mainstream as well.

This is not a typical horror movie  you have to be in a settled frame of mind and be prepared to give it  your full attention and for that you will be well rewarded with a great film! 

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Saturday, 27 April 2019


This particular film, I decided to buy for no other reason than Sam Raimi was featured as the producer... I loved his work on the EVIL DEAD and more recently "DRAG ME TO HELL" so thought this one would compare nicely, plus it said "This is the scariest movie - Ever" on the cover.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad film at all, and quite a reasonable play on childhood fears... but whoever decided to past the moniker "This is the scariest move - Ever." across the front of the DVD obviously had just suffered a massive head injury. This would qualify as a thriller, but not so much horror, let alone trying to sell it as the scariest movie ever.

The film centers in on young Tim (aged around 6, I believe) who believes his father was abducted by the boogieman and dragged off into the recesses of the closet never to be seen again. (This part was somewhat scary). Then we cut to grown up Tim who as an adult is having trouble coming to grips with the 'disappearance' of his father and goes to visit him mother who has also taken a turn for the worse mentally. Unfortunately she dies before he gets there, Tim then meets a childhood friend at his moms funeral, and then decides to investigate the house he grew up in s a child and meets a young girl named Frannie (who is aslo having 'boogieman' visions) hiding out on the old house. Tims childhood fears play on his mind when he's in the house and begins to see things ….. or is he?

The film itself is well produced at features known actors as Lucy Lawless (Xena warrior princess) and Emily Deschanel (lead on "Bones" TV series) and its really a pretty cool watch, its just not what it says it is on the cover

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Sunday, 21 April 2019

GAG (2006)

Another one bought on spec.... and unfortunately this one was a bit of a let down... amateurish production, shitty acting (no actors I'd ever seen before or likely to see again)  and a story line that felt really slapped together make this one a little hard to watch.

The only thing this has going for it is the violence depicted in the film. If for some reason you just feel like sitting down and watching a series of atrocities committed by humans to other humans this film has some value. This fits into the genre the movie "Saw" started off (Torture porn) and to be fair takes it to new depths of depravity... In fact they even use "Saw" as reference on the DVD cover but unfortunately for them "Saw" is a quite reasonable movie this is just a sequence of torture interlaced with beyond shit storytelling and abysmal dialogue.

I was able to sit through the film, but past the half way mark I didn't give a crap about the plot and started playing with my phone. The film itself tells the tale of a pair of would be burglars who break into a house hoping to score some loot only to find themselves in the middle of a sick serial killers torture fantasy trying to save other captives of the house. There's a plot and it does have a twist but again the movie just generally to crappy to follow it closely.

If you're in the mood for something like this I'd say watch Saw or Hostel if for some reason you're bored shitless enough to watch this, don't pay more than a couple of dollars for this film, I'm sure you'll find it in a bargain bin sale somewhere.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

SHIVERS (1975)

Also known as: Blood Orgy of the Parasites and They Came from Within

I'd never heard of this one before I saw it one day whilst browsing through DVDs... I noticed it was directed by David Cronenberg (The Fly, Scanners, Xtro etc...) so I thought to myself "Why not take a punt on this one?" … And I'm glad I did!

The plot takes place within a new building apartment lock called the "Starliner" which is the state of the art building for the time. Unfortunately a parasite which has been developed by a rogue scientist has taken a hold on a few of the residents and starts to spread amongst the population of the building. The parasites cause their hosts to act out in violent and sexually extreme ways. This obviously makes for a great movie and lots of excuses for violence and nudity! 

This is a very early effort by Cronenberg (In fact his first feature length film) and whilst many of his trademarks are present in the plot and execution of the film it is obviously done of a much tighter budget than his 1980's films, it is still gritty, enthralling and rather well done. The violence is rather confronting and would have been reasonably extreme for the time it was released. After the movie I watched some DVD extras regarding the production of the film and it turns out Cronenberg found the funding to this movie from the Canadian Film Board. The gore and sexual content of the film did garner some controversy for the film as it was public money used to create it, but the quality of the film meant that it was still well accepted and did well enough at the box office to launch Cronenbergs' career!

Over all I really liked it, and I cant imagine many horror fans not liking it. There's no major flaws or much else I could wish for with this film. You can judge for yourself as the movie is up on youtube!

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Friday, 12 April 2019

THE FOG (2005)

I have to admit this is the remake of the FOG, not the John Carpenter version and even worse I haven't actually seen the original so I've got nothing to compare it to. (yes, I know that is a bit of a horror fail...) 

The movie itself follows Nick who runs a small fishing boat off shore in Oregon. Whilst on a fishing trip he drops anchor and disturbs the wreck of a century old ship. Co-incidently Nicks old girlfriend Elizabeth mysteriously returns to town after a 6 month absence and weird stuff begins to happen, no the least of which is when an old sailor gives her an old antique watch (and some prophetical advice) he found washed up on the shore from said ship wreck. Surely enough people begin to loose their minds as an eerie fog rolls in from across the sea. The fog is bringing with it appraritions from the old shipwreck to wreak havoc on the world above. Why have they not found peace? Well, you'll just have to watch the film to find out!

Overall the film is reasonably well shot and produced and the special effects are cool enough. It starts off a little like many of the lame Hollywood remakes and I have to admit I was tempted to turn it off but it did warm up nicely. The film while not bad, doesn't have the same feel as a John Carpenter film would have and this makes me want to track down a copy of the original ad give that a run. It did have some star power to give it a bit of a boost with Selma Blair and that guy that played Clark Kent in Smallville taking up main roles. 

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