Saturday, 9 December 2017


After the general failure to the Exorcist 2 (I didn't think it was that bad.... it just wasn't that good) I held minimal hopes for this one, but upon loading this bad boy up, the opening scene of the priest amidst a back drop of crusaders crucified upside down I knew this one would be good.

Exorcist: The Beginning is set a few years after the Nazi occupation so lets say around 1950 around 25 years before the events of the original Exorcist film, when a much younger father Merrin has lost faith and left the priest hood to go on an archaeological dig in Africa to figure out what's going on with an unknown church that has been discovered. He settles in with the locals both a priest, Father Francis, the local Africans and tribesman, and even strikes up a friendship with a pretty young archaeologist, Sarah. Things start to get weird around the camp when he is able to enter the church and it appears to be a shrine to Lucifer the fallen angel.

This is where I have to commend the creatives behind this film... If you are into the occult or religious studies this follows the mythology of the fall from the heavens of the warrior angels who rebelled against God quite well... the religious (anti religious) symbolism is used excellently throughout the film and really adds an atmosphere of the arcane to proceedings

Nobody knows who built the church but father Merrin works out it is built on the spot where the rebel angels are said to have fallen to Earth after the battle that got them kicked out of heaven.  Instead of leaving it alone (like the natives suggested) curiousity gets the better of them and they unleash an ancient evil upon the camp and unsuspecting victims and Father Merrin is called upon to use the ancient roman ritual of the Exorcism

I wouldn't go so far as to say this is as good as the original Exorcist film but its a worthy sequel (unlike Exorcist 2) and lends an interesting background to the origins of both Fr. Merrin and the evil entity, Pazuzu that possesses Reagan in the first film, I found it kept my interest the whole way through the film and it was a gripping watch that stimulated me intellectually as well.

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Saturday, 2 December 2017


This is an interesting one for many reasons (also not to be confused with another film called "unfriended") ,,, as a film its well made and rather watchable so no issues with the entertainment value of the film... but another darker more sinister reason that it touches the listener is that it exploits a medium that nearly all of us use, Facebook.... or social media in general...

The film revolves around Laura who seems to be generally winning at life and doing well at school, she's good looking, has a wide circle of friends both online and offline and ends up accepting a friend request from a strange loner, Marina she knows from university

Their new found "friendship" develops into obsession for the new friend and soon its clear that she's mentally unbalanced and Laura wonders how she can get rid of her new friend without it backfiring on her...... Of course Marina takes the rejection harshly and kills herself which she records and sends it onto Laura via facebook

This is where things start getting weird, for some reason a wave of suicides happen at the school and although Marina is dead someone hacks the facebook accounts of Laura and her flatmates and posts the grizzly deaths onto their social media accounts as a revenge, Laura's friend count starts to tumble as people see the morbid videos posted to her timeline and online as well as in real life, Laura finds herself and her friends being stalked from beyond the cyber graveyard by Marina

Overall I have to say I quite liked this one, wouldn't say its a classic but its a solid and engrossing watch and kept my interest the whole way through. While it does have its fair share of killings and blood the film sits fairly firmly in the thriller category and as a film should have an almost universal appeal to users of the internet and social media.

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Friday, 1 December 2017

SALO 120 (DAYS OF SODOM) (1975)

One of the most (if not, MOST) disturbing films ever made. I guess it depends on what offends you, but its right up there with the Human Centipede and Cannibal Holocaust for all round sickness, and it seems to make every critics "Most disturbing films ever made" list if you've ever seen those on youtube. Based loosely on the Marquis De Sade's book 120 Day of Sodom this is, I guess an adaptation of that book but set in 1949 under Mussolini's rule of Italy.

The question remains, is this really a horror film? Hard to say, the film is littered with unspeakable horrors from start to finish and all manner of tortures......  but is more of an 'arty' independant film, but for amount of torture in it... I'll go with horror. This film itself outlines the cruelty inflicted on a bunch of teenagers kidnapped, tortured and molested for months by ruling members of the Italian aristocratic set, or ''libertines" as they are referred to. It is sick, depraved and filthy, in fact it is the only film I've not been able to watch in one sitting due to the cruelty and sexual sadism inflicted on said teenagers. Including acts as branding, rape, coprophilia and much more.

It was widely praised by film critics in its time but even more widely banned by the world at large... oddly enough the director Pasolini was murdered a few months before its release. It is available now on DVD/BR but I'd assume it would take some work to find it. Be warned though, it's a hard one to watch, a litany of human perversion and sadism if you will.

This film does raise the questions are there films that just don't need to be made? Is this film just sadistic filth? Or a film with artistic merit that needed to be made???..... I'm not sure .. Personally I'd be leaning on the side of filth but its a free world I guess, but it leaves me with a sick feeling that I've seen something that should not ave been seen. In a rare show of good taste I'm not going to show a link or preview for the film but check out preview before you decide to watch the entire film, if you do.

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Saturday, 25 November 2017


A nightmare on Elm St reviewed at
Well ..... we've reached a milestone with this blog...... 100 movie reviews!!! And what better way to celebrate than by throwing on one of the most iconic horror films ever... A Nightmare on Elm st!!! A Nightmare on Elm St was also one of the most successful horror movie franchises (second only to Friday the 13th series) and is what largely kept New Line Cinema in business in the early days of the production company

I first watched this first installment of the series when I was a young teenager and main protagonist "Freddy Krueger" certainly made a lasting impression on me and countless other teenagers at the time as perhaps the most recognisable villain and horror icon.... at least of the slasher genre and broadly across all genres of horror films. I've seen it a couple of times since and now again with great pleasure I was able to put it in for another spin, this time on DVD!

Most of you reading this will no doubt have watched this film already so its probably a bit redundant going into a detailed description of the plot but just quickly it revolves around a group of teenagers who are sharing the same nightmare experience with a horribly burnt, creepy old guy with an old red and green jumper and razor blades attached to his fingers who is trying to kill them. This is written off as a just a dream until one of the teenagers, Tina is brutally killed in her sleep and the other teenagers realise that the creepy guy they're dreaming of, Freddy is gong to pick them off one by one in their dreams which will kill them in reality. It's now up to Nancy to figure out how to stop Freddy before they are all killed.

The movie is very well shot and directed by Wes Craven (who previously did the hills have eyes and Last House on the Left) and in my opinion set a new standard for horror movie effects at the time, he uses the fact that in dreamscapes he can be much more creative with the gore and story line and in my opinion really expanded the slasher flick as a genre into the supernatural, coupled with great production it proved to be a big hit. It was also responsible for launching the career of Johnny Depp who made his debut in this film.

Overall this is one of my favourate films both as a child and I enjoyed it immensely on today's revisit... it's one of those films that anyone who calls themselves a horror fan needs to see... best thing about it is you can get the whole series of original films in DVD/BR pack fairly cheap which should keep you going for a while

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Friday, 24 November 2017

100th Movie Review!!!!

Just been looking back on this blog and the 2 and a bit years I've spent writing for it...
It's been rather therapeutic and both a great excuse to revisit some of the classic horror movies I loved as a teenager and find out about a whole heap of new ones as well as hopefully share the love of horror flicks around a little....

The next review I post will be our 100th review, which to me is an awesome milestone watching the site grow from nothing to something a little better than nothing but with a heap of content! YEAH!!!!

Here's to the next 100 films we review up on here!!!

Also now that the site has some steady traffic (close to 1000) visitors a month i'll be posting a bit more often and writing articles about horror movies as well as just the reviews so keep yer eyes peeled for that as well!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


I was wondering to myself for a while now, how this third installment of the series would get even sicker than the first two milestones of cinematic depravity that preceded it... wonder no more.

Human Centipede 3 sees the return of Dieter Laser and Laurence Harvey the protagonists from HC 1 and 2 as warden and accountant of an american prison. Without giving away too much on here, director Tom Six delivers some servings of sick black humor, sadism and a lot of "in-house jokes" building from the first 2 films. Dieter Laser plays the part of the sick and twisted prison warden all too well.. disturbingly well it must be said. His dialogue is mostly yelled throughout the film and keeps the viewer on edge and rattled throughout the film, while Laurence Harvey plays a subserviant accountant who comes up with the idea for the worlds first Human Prison Centipede, his character different, but still disturbingly similar to that which played in part 2.

Is it as sick as parts 1 or 2? Hard to say, in respect to pure gore, I'd have to say "no" but in terms of sadistic perversity i would say its right up there, i guess it depends on what offends.

Some Horror sequels leave the viewer with the sense they're watching the same flick over and over again but these three flicks, although linked have distinctive feels and shooting styles and identities, which keeps them fresh and interersting (In grim contrast to the subject matter...). Its also good to see the creative team can poke fun at themselves throughout the film too.

Over all its pretty cool. Im still deciding where I'd place it in regards to the first two installments but I'm happy they just didn't rehash the same film over again like many movie franchises seem to do.

If you liked the first two films, this is definitely worth seeing, if not.... stay away... stay well away. There is no need to traumatise yourself again.

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Friday, 17 November 2017


Phantasm 1979 reviewed at
Well... this is certainly a strange bit of cinema ... not to say its bad, in fact I quite enjoyed it....  It centres on a family that have lost both their parents and then later on a the oldest of three brothers is murdered in strange circumstances.

Michael, the youngest of the brothers watches his older brothers funeral from afar and notices something strange going on,,, namely the creepy undertaker lifting the casket by himself and hauling it off in his hearse. On further investigation into the undertakers mausoleum things start to get even creepier and he gets his older brother and friend involved in looking further into what's going on. and Michael, and uncover a strange plot involving the use of the deceased bodies. Without spoiling the film for the reader the movie takes a turn to the decidedly supernatural

The film really descends into the realms of strangeness and I have to say the plot is at times disjointed and hard to follow. It is rather well shot in that way that really brings out the colours and vivid detail in the cinematography. One thing I  will say is that the music in this film sets the mood there's one creepy piece that gets played over and over that I think brings it all together (I was trying to figure out where I'd head this and I'm sure it was used by Swedish death metal band Entombed....)

It's one of those films that needs more than one viewing so i will no doubt watch it again later and repvamp this review accordingly but yeah iId give it a thumbs up and recommend that pretty much anyone into horror would like this film.

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