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Another one from the vault of politically incorrect over the top exploitation flicks from the late 70s/early 80's. Directed by Italian director Umberto Lenzi, also responsible for Man from Deep River (widely regarded as responsible for starting up the Cannibal film genre and featuring a few of the same actors as this film) and Cannibal Ferox after this film

Basically this one follows the story of a wealthy cotton farm heiress, Sheila who is investigating the disappearance of her older sister suspecting that she may have become involved in a strange religious cult in jungles of Asia (New Guinea). She then heads off to find out what has become of her sister. Along the way she partners up with Mark, an ex Vietnam vet for protection before making her journey through the savage and cruel jungle. After an eventful run through the jungles she finds her sister in a settlement/commune type set up run by cult leader Jonas, which is of course surrounded by cannibals and dangerous animals.

The usual assortment of gore, animal killings, ritual sacrifice, nudity, primitive and violet rituals and of course cannibalism one would hope to see when watching a film like this are present to make this a pretty confronting but entertaining watch. Shot in the same grizzly reality style as other films in the genre,  it does not have quite the same feel as Cannibal Holocaust, but this will pretty much appeal to anyone  who liked that film. Probably not quite at the same level of extremity but not far off either, it holds it own in terms of gore thats for sure. Probably not recommended for the easily offended or those new to the horror genre. This is some pretty full on stuff, its sleazy and filled with atrocity after atrocity and would have been one of the most extreme movies ever committed to film at the time. Either way its a solid watch and defs worth the time to watch it.

This is the second time I've watched this and was able to absorb it a little better than the first time I watched and reviewed this film a few years back. One detail I missed the first time round was the amount of animal deaths, ie: animals eating and preying on each other. It really paints the jungle as a violent place and sets the tone for the violence of humans to not seem out of place in the jungle.

I've managed to find a version on you tube that looks reasonably sharp if you want to check it out for yourself

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Friday, 10 August 2018


Blood Feast 2016 Remake - Reviewed at http://www.gorenography.comIt's easy to say "Groan... Not another remake of a film that didn't need to be remade" but lets face it... while the original Blood Feast from 1963 raised (or lowered depending on how you look at it) the bar for cinematic depictions of gore, it was hardly a cinematic masterpiece.

This remake has a few things going for it... It's quite reasonably shot and produced.. as a stand alone movie its not too bad at all... The gore effects are really well done as well.... which of course will put it at odds with fans of the original film. 1963s Blood Feast was a B Grade explosion of hammy acting, and gore ... the likes of which had never been seen before.

One question I know you're all going to ask is "How is the gore in this film?" … With this version the gore  is stepped up again, and there's some definitely cringe worthy moments for even seasoned horror fans in this one. It s a lot more convincing than the original... and while I would have to say it builds into one of the more extreme climaxes out there, its definitely got a few squeamish moments - Enough to make most of the hardened gore fiends out there wince at least a little.

The plot is a little different featuring of course Ramses who in this movie is running a little American Style diner in France and financially struggling. He works a night job at the museum with the hopes of pulling himself out of debt. Obviously working two jobs is stressful and things are getting a bit much for poor old Ramses and he looses his medication and starts seeing visions of the ancient Egyptian goddess Ishtar. Ramses then sets about to hold a "Blood Feast", a cannibalistic ritual feast in the hopes of resurrecting and then becoming one with the goddess Ishtar.

Ramses has a family, not the least of whom is his daughter played by the stunning Sophie Monk (a definite plus for this film) who he hopes will join him for the climatic crescendo of blood and meat.

Overall I quite enjoyed this film and while I don't get precious about remakes this one really didn't have that much to live up to anyway. In some ways it surpassed the original and in other ways it didn't have the same punch as the original would have had. It IS however immensely more watchable for people who don't get the old school horror, and lets face it most of us weren't born when the original came out...  and for that it could be a useful tool in introducing a new generation of gore fans to some *cough* classic horror.

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The Shining - Reviewed on

This is one of those moments that make being an hopelessly addicted horror fan worth it. There is nothing I can fault with this film. The film is of course an adaptation of genre leading horror novelist Stephen King's book of the same name, but it is IMMACULATELY filmed and executed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick who has a knack for creating atomspheres that are suspenseful and virtually "unearthly" (***my description for lack of any other words***). The characters are perfectly cast in this film. My understanding of Kubrick is that he is basically and obsessive tyrannical director who would push his cast to the point of breaking, but in this film it has worked perfectly. You can feel the tension of the characters who in the film are pushed to breaking point (in the film and quite likely reality).

This of course stars Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrence the asshole husband and wannabe writer who scores a job as a care taker of a hotel that shuts down over the winter season. The job works well for Jack as it lets him write his novel but also provides a steady paycheck to keep his family going. Mr Nicholson has carved a niche for himself in cinema history for playing the asshole (the Joker etc...) and in this film he does it very well, a little too well in fact....  it's quite unnerving.

Jack drags his wife and son up to the hotel where they will spend the season virtually hibernating in an awake state for the snow season. Cut off from virtually all other human contact they will have to survive in an insular environment till the summer thaw.

This is a hard film to review for fear of ruining surprises for you, but two major things happen … Jack starts to develop a "Cabin Fever" type response to being trapped inside the resort and starts seeing things that aren't really there and basically loosing his mind at a rapid rate, and Jack's son who possesses an ability, known as "The Shining" to see the atrocities that haunt the house realizes that the house is evil and begins to worry that his father will hurt them.

What follows is an enthralling documentation of Jack Torrence's descent into dementia and depending on how deeply you want to analyse the film, an analysis of the human psyche when put under pressure.

All I can do is recommend this film whole heartedly to you... and hope that you guys get the same reaction that I did out of watching this film.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Nosferatu - Reviewed at
Now we're going right back to the start of Horror cinema... Nosferatu!

I have to say this took me a couple of attempts to get into the right headspace to sit and watch this film but when I finally got my head right to sit down and appreciate it it was well worth it.

Some interesting background on this film was that while it was based on Bram Stokers "Dracula" it never gained legal rights to do so and instead of using the words vampire they are referred to as "Nosferatu" and instead of using the name Dracula they called the main villain "Count Orlok". They were still sued and as a result of copyright infringement all copies of the film were ordered to be destroyed. Thankfully at least a few must have survived for the movie to have remained in circulation until the digital age we now find ourselves in.

NOTE: I'm going to go into more detail with this plot as I'm sure any fan of the genre pretty much knows the story of Bram Stokers Dracula anyway, its by no means a comprehensive outline of the plot, lest it would become an essay length blog entry... but if you would rather no spoilers .. skip the next paragraph.

Nosferatu follows the story of a young real estate agent, "Hutter" who is acquiring real estate in England  for the wealthy Transylvanian Count Orlok. As the commissions on the property deal will be big, he is asked to travel to Carpathia (In Transylvania)  see the Count in person.  As he gets close to the Counts abode the tour guides refuse to go any further. He does not take this as a warning, but instead presses on to visit the count. ... and of course falls under the vampires (I mean NOSFERATU) spell. Upon entering the castle he dines with the Count and cuts his finger , which stirs  up a blood lust within the count and he sucks the blood dripping from Hutter's finger. Its then Hutter realizes things are getting strange. Hutter stays in the house and is bitten in his sleep by the Nosferatu. He starts to fall under the spell of the Count. Hutter's betrothed, Eilleen whilst still back in England also falls under the spell of the Nosferatu from across the seas. Orlok is then transported to England via sea vessell (whilst killing most or all of the crew with a plague that seems to be carried by him.. and spread into the town where he bought his house) whilst Hutter also tries to escape the Castle but hits his head and is found by the villagers who keep him in an infirmary to rest him up, wasting valuable time and giving the Count a great headstart. Hutter eventually recovers and sets sail back home,  only to find England ravaged by an plague which the Nosferatu has unleashed on the town. Count Orlok is keen is keen to sink his teeth into Hutter's fiancĂ©,  but Eileen has read in a forbidden tome that the way to defeat a vampire is to keep him distracted by feminine beauty until the sun comes up which she does (by default) and of course the Count vapourises into dust and the curse he's brought with him is nullified.

The movie itself is primitive and has no dialogue. You can kind of see the stuttering of the frames. The film is shot in Black and White / Sepia and in some places seems to have a strange green hue to it (I'm not sure if the restoration process did this or the original film)  The accompanying music is a recreation as the original score had been lost in time... But there in lies the charm of this film. The music that accompanies this film is quite hypnotic and other worldly in its own way and adds to the atmosphere of the film. Scenes are cut with script text laid out in old style gothic script which does help a lot, but also adds to the arcane feeling of this film. But like I said it did take me a while to get into the headspace required to appreciate this work, but I have a sneaky feeling this is the film that spark a new interest in vintage horror for me (Note: it most certainly DID!) 

Anyway here's a really neat, HD version of the film I've found on YouTube for your enjoyment so check it out!

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OUIJA (2014)

Ouija - 2014 - reviewed at Gorenography.comThis is a neat little film! I didn't hold too much hope for it as it had copped some negative reviews on the net but I have to say I really liked it. Ouija is probably more a thriller (or a supernatural thriller) than a gore flick, but there are some cool horror effects to be seen as the film progresses. After a slow-ish beginning things do ramp up and I have to say it kept me on the edge of my seat and even provided this seasoned horror veteran with a few jumps and that unnerving feeling of having watched a genuinely scary flick.

The film centres around two now teenage girls, Laine and Debbie who are inseperable best friends, who both seem to have everything going for them. Debbie inexplicably kills herself one afternoon after acting a little strange. Laine is not convinced Debbie killed herself and suspects that Debbie had been messing around with a Ouija board and decides to investigate. She and her friends begin using the board with the hopes of calling up Debbie and finding out what happened but inadvertantly summon up a more malevolent entity.

That's probably about as far as I can go without ruining the plot for you, dear reader, but the plot does have some neat twists and a few good scares. As a film its quite well shot, and flows well as a film and it kept my interest through out the film. Due to the nature of the film, I don't know how it would hold up to repeated viewings but overall I enjoyed it!

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FRIDAY 13th Part 4

With Friday the 13th upon us it is of course time to throw on another installment of the Friday the 13th series.

Friday 13th part 4: The Final ChapterOne of the biggest horror franchises in history returns for another trip around the block. The movie opens with another recap of the last movie where Jason is carted off to the morgue... and another group of over sexed teenagers descend on to Camp Crystal Lake to party and carry on as they do in these films. Among the usual assortment of teenagers another family takes up residency there with a young Corey Feldman as Tommy the 12 year old kid of the family.

The box office takings from the third installment were surprisingly good, so good in fact, that Jason somehow resurrects himself from the massive injuries and escapes from the morgue to start wreaking havoc on Crystal Lake once again. If you can suspend disbelief long enough to believe that he could recover get through that what you have is a quite enjoyable teenage slasher film in the tradition of the 3 that preceded it. Heaps of attractive females and some cool killings keep things moving along nicely. Despite the sarcastic tone of this paragraph, I have to say I did enjoy this movie and would again recommend to any fans of the first 3 movies. If you haven't seen a friday the 13th film, I'd suggest you go back to the beginning and start from there, as this is one series that's much more enjoyable in chronological order.

Anyway you guys have a great friday 13th whatever you're doing ... and if you're looking for more horror reviews always check out

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Following hot on the heels of the original "A Nightmare on Elm St." movie, which had done unexpectedly well at the box office it was time to strike while the iron was hot so to speak.

Plot wise it follows on from the first movie with a new family that has moved into the Thompson house on Elm St. after the events of the first movie had taken place. Obviously I'm assuming if you're reading this you've seen the previous movie (but if not check out our article on it here). Jesse a teenage boy is having some disturbing nightmares centering in on an unknown character who is trying to get Jesse to do his killing for him. After learning of the horrid past of the house they've just moved into from another student at school, Jesse and his love interest Lisa do some research into the house and find Nancy's diary left there and realise it is the same creature haunting his dreams that caused so  much bloodshed in the first movie, Freddy Krueger.

A Nightmare on Elm St pt 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)Freddy is back and forcing his way into the real world through the dreams of Jesse. This movie takes on a more 'fantasy' approach to proceedings where it allows more emphasis to be placed on the Freddy character than in the first movie. This has the 3 fold effect of allowing for more creative horror effects and the building of another completely different realm within the dreams which can be explored in this film and the subsequent sequels that followed it, and also opening up the character of Freddy and most importantly allowing the viewer to build a relationship with the iconic character.

Similar to the first film Jesse is afraid to sleep for fear of the nightmare to make its way into reality but either way the body count starts to mount and it is up to Jesse to stop the dreams and with it, Freddy Krueger.

I didn't like this film as much as the first one, nor the sequels when I saw it as a teenager, but through the magic of DVD re-releases I've been able to go back and give it another watch through older eyes and I have to say I really liked it this time around. Obviously its not directed by Wes Craven but I think the film holds up well, and follows on from the first quite nicely. Obviously I wasn't the only one who liked it as it managed to surpass the original in terms of box office success as well ($40mil at box office) and pave the way for a raft of sequels. The movie itself has gone on to be a staple part in what is one of the most successful horror franchises of all time

Anyway track it down for yourself, there's an 8 pack DVD release which I've got quite cheaply which is a great way to get the whole series in one hit which you should be able to get quiet easily online.

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