Sunday, 12 May 2019


Another of the fine tradition of Italian Cannibal flicks....This one has all of the usual traits such as nudity, animal cruelty, natural violence and of course cannibalism. I find this one to be one of the more watchable of the genre, it doesn't have the same violent extremity as say Cannibal Holocaust but still weighs in fairly heavily on the depravity scale and would have been rather graphic at the time. This one was one of the earlier films of the genre basically after Man from Deep River (1972).

The film itself revolves around Susan (played by Ursula Andress, the bond girl from Dr No) with her team of trekkers and guides going into Papua New Guinea to find her missing husband, they endure the usual hardships of going into the jungle, evading predatory animals, and the natives whilst witnessing some strange rituals and customs of the indigenous folk of the country. Having Ursula Andress in this film gave this film an air of credibility and nobody is acting above their abilities an there's nothing too corny, and you don't feel like you're watching a  film that is trying to be offensive for the sake of it.

Overall it moved well and I found it quite entertaining and if you're thinking of getting into the cannibal genre this is as good a place as any to start. Definitely worth checking out of you can find a copy of this... If you can't (and its a hard one to find)... here's a streaming version of it …. 

NOTE: My DVD of this isn't that very sharp as far as picture quality goes so I'm not sure if I got a VHS transfer or the film. My DVD is missing some of the footage you may as well watch it here AND this version  to has what is a more complete version with more of the gruesome / explicit content included

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