Saturday, 10 September 2016

SATANIC (2016) - satanic 2016
This is not an all time classic by any stretch of the imagination but it was a pretty cool watch over all and kept me interested right through till the end of the film. This film (like so many other films) start off with a group of four teenagers on holiday. The group consists of two couples on their way to see the Coachella festival. One of the couple (the fashionably goth pair) decide to take a small detour and check out some occult places of interest on the way, including a small bookshop where they see some potentially unsavoury goings on in the back room. After being given the "heave-ho" from the bookshop they decide to trail the supsicious occultist to a farm where a strange satanic ritual involving a beautiful young woman takes place which they interrupt and then flee when the group realises they are being watched.
One of the guys drops his phone of course and the girl involved in the ritual finds it and brings it back to them but thats just where it gets more bizzare and she involves them in a world of hardcore satanism. This is where I won't talk too much about what happens but like I said its great watch and keeps the viewer interested and has some pretty decent twists.

It's not too full on on the gore but enough to keep you interested if you're only there for a 'horror veg-out' ... which to be honest is pretty much all I wanted or expected out of the film, so in that aspect my expectations were exceeded.

I'm not sure if the director of the film is taking the piss out of satanism or trying to intrigue the viewer into finding out about the church of Satan but early references and vintage footage of 'Church of Satan' founder Anton LaVey made me think the occult references might be based some what on the classic hollywood satanism but with a nod to Anton LaVeys' organisation for those more interested in finding out what satanism is about.

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