Friday, 21 October 2016


This was once described as the "Worst film ever made" ..... It's definately not the greatest film ever made but in my humble opinion far from the worst... In fact it has a certain charm about it.

Shot on black and white film in the 50's the plot revolves around aliens who are digging up graves and reanimating the dead in an attempt to destroy humankind before said humans stumble across the technology to build a weapon so powerful it could destroy the galaxy and of course our alien friends with it.

The special effects are pretty cheesy stuff really, wait till you see the saucers obviously suspended by fishing wire and the dialogue is a little hammy but like I said before this does add to the charm and and maybe a sense of innocence about the film that movies made nowadays rarely have

For those that can put the low grade special effects aside,  this is actually a pretty cool watch and does raise some moral issues particularly relevant in the 1950's with the advent of nuclear technology and the looming spectre of a world war

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