Friday, 26 May 2017

SEE NO EVIL (2006)

First up I must apologise for the slackness in not having done a review for the last couple of weeks, but sometimes life gets in the way... Plus after re-watching Halloween last time there's no point in watching anything directly after it as lets face it, few things really compare to that. It was in that spirit that I approached "See No Evil" expecting nothing

See No Evil was produced by the WWE team (yes the wresting dudes) and stars wrestling superstar "Kane"... I have to say I was a bit dubious but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this one!

This film while not making it into the "masterpiece" category is quite solid and enjoyable. The production is pretty good actually (well I guess they do have the budget and technology readily available). The acting is as solid as needs be for a film like this and no obvious plot holes. In fact it kind of reminds me of the "Friday 13th" vibe with yet another abusive mother daughter relationship relationship resulting in a twisted offspring turning into a demented killer. The violence is ramped up a few levels and when compared to something like "Friday 13th" and some of the gore effects are actually quite stunningly macabre (the emptied eye sockets particularly impressed me) so not a film for the squeamish or newbies to horror.

The plot itself revolves around a group of teenagers who are out on a "work for parole" type deal from their local correctional facility and are tasked with doing some fix-it work around a delapitated old hotel run by a seemingly sweet old lady. Of course as fate (and many slasher film plots) would have it she's hiding a dark secret in the form of her retarded but blood-lusting son Jacob, played disturbingly well by wrestler Kane, The kids are instructed to stay in their rooms after dark but of course go wandering, in search of hidden loot, and of course run into trouble when confronted by demented Jacob, who one by one sets out to slaughter the lot of them.

Over all its a cool watch, nothing revolutionary as it uses many of the same plot devices as countless slasher / teen flicks that came before it but I found it quite enjoyable and the horror scenes were really well done in my opinion

The movie is available to rent on you tube and probably quite easily available in the bargain bin at your local video store or flea market!

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