Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Leprechaun (1991)

I have to admit I didn't hold high hopes for this one at all the premise looked stupid and the DVD cover looked really budget but I thought to myself "What the hell... It's cheap.. and I may as well give it a shot" and you know what?  I actually enjoyed it.

It kinda sits somewhere between a kids movie and a horror movie but I'd say far too gory for kids under 12 to watch (unless they're really hardcore) but if you can deal with the child like qualities of this film its a fun watch. Oh yeah it has a very young Jennifer Anniston as the star, who is very easy on the eyes. 90's babes aside the Leprechaun himself looks pretty cool, with perpetual short guy Warwick Davis (from Willow) as the Leprechaun himself. Cute Irish accents abound in this wee feature, as well as liberal spatterings of Irish culture.

The plot revolves around Old Dan O'Grady who manages to capture a leprechaun and as a result is entitled to his pot of gold. He is then of course committed (lets face it who is going to believe his leprechaun stories). Years later the house is bought by Tory (Anniston) and her father. The local painters (one of whom Tory takes fancy to) and his off-siders, a slow witted Adult nicknamed Ozzy, and his much smarter child friend, Alex unwittingly become involved in a fight for their lives as the leprechaun returns hoping to find his gold, which it turns out Ozzie and Alex have found and taken possession of.

The horror levels for this one are quite respectable and enough to keep the horror fans entertained, and the comedy aspects of the movie keep it quite watchable and light hearted. While its not an all time classic by any stretch (and thankfully it didn't ruin Jennifer Annistons career) To be sure,,, To be sure its worth watching....

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