Saturday, 13 February 2016


This is an Australian horror flim, It's harder for a country like mine to put out great horror with our much smaller film industry...  but this one is great!

Starring Tara Reid and visual fx by Chris Sun (his artwork is brilliant btw... do yourself a favour and check it out) This one follows the fortunes of for friends who decide to have a weekend away and visit a farm rumoured to be the site of multiple fruit picker killings. Morbid curiosity of course gets the better of the friends and despite warnings from the locals they decide to check out the farm house and the shit hits the fan from there.

I like the shooting style of this film, very defined yet very gritty, the special effects are gruesome with out being over the top in gore. Needless gore can sometimes dilute the impact of the horror on the viewer. This is gritty but not excessive, I really hope big things materialise in the future of Chris Sun.. he deserves it!

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