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Zombie Fleash Eaters - Lucio Fulci reviewed at http://www.gorenography.comZombi 2 - Lucio Fulci reviewed at

Firstly just to clarify a few things... My copy of this release goes under the name "Zombie Flesh Eaters" but I've more commonly heard it referred to as "Zombi 2" … George Romero's second installment of his "Dead" series, Dawn of the Dead from 1978 was titled "Zombi" in some parts of Europe. The only sensible thing to do was now to cash in on the success of "Zombi" and release another flick while the iron was still hot, and of course set it up as an unofficial sequel... and thus we have Lucio Fulci's "Zombi 2". I find this practice annoying and I'd much rather refer to it as "Zombie Flesh Eaters" (just to make it worse it has a few more variations of those names as release titles too)

The movie itself is actually pretty good and quite enjoyable... it has that distinct Italian style about it, very gritty and the gore is quite full on for its time as well... Earning it a spot in the "VIDEO NASTIES" list and getting banned in some places. Compared to some of the movies on that list, this is not the most extreme by any stretch infact id say there's only one scene (where a zombie drags a womans head into shattered glass and pierces her eye/eyesocket) as the only really extremity in the film while the rest of it is fairly standard zombie, munching, maggot riddled goodness these Italian flicks are known for.

The plot revolves around a missing scientist who is researching ancient voodoo magick on an island off the carribean which has fallen under attack by zombies... these undead nod a little to the older Haitian zombie legends rather than purely following the lead of the Romero type zombies but they're basically the same.  The film itself starts when a ship leaves the island and is discovered by coast guard when the occupants have been killed and  zombie who is still on board bites and infects a coast guard and investigations lead back tot he island.

Its gritty, well shot and has some levels of nudity in it but one scene in particular which I thought was really well done where a zombie attacks a shark I thought was rather well done! Especially for the vintage of this this film.

Overall I quite liked it, it didn't require too much thinking but it flowed well and was quite entertaining...…..  Id recommend any zombie to get a hold of this if they can find it.

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In the Mouth of Madness (1995) Directed by John Carpenter story by HP LovecraftYet another HP Lovecraft adaptation set to film. With legendary director John Carpenter directing you know this one is going to be quality. As expected the quality of the movie is amazing and immaculately shot, but maybe I am biased as I really do love John Carpenters work. Sam Neill as the main character does a stellar job, and while I haven't read any HP Lovecraft in many years from what I do remember of this story it tends to follow the original story quite well.

The story itself opens with main character John Trent (Sam Neill) committed to a lunatic asylum, and then the rest of the movie details John Trents descent from hot shot insurance fraud investigator, to taking on a case to find the whereabouts of acclaimed horror writer Sutter Cain, and insure the release of his next major chartbuster "In the Mouth of Madness". Cain is big business in the world of horror and his disappearance is also the subject of the a major insurance claim. In the process of undertaking the investigation Trent reads Cain's mind bending novels an sets off to find a town, Hobb's End which is referred to in Cain's books in the hopes of finding him. Unfortunately for Trent he finds himself getting a little too involved in Cain's writing and it begins to affect him mentally as lines between fiction and reality start to blur. I won't go any further into the plot than that but rest assured its a plot full of great twists and keeps the magical world that HP Lovecraft created alive and vibrant in movie form.

The is quite a few cool horror effects in this movie, but the movie itself  is more of a cerebal experience than flat out gore, meaning you do have to pay reasonable attention to what's going on (as opposed to other Lovecraft adaptations like Re-animator) but its a very rewarding experience which all I can do is recommend you check it out for yourselves!

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DAWN OF THE DEAD (remake 2004)

Dawn of the Dead (2004 remake) reviewed at

In all honesty this remake is pretty good, production values are pretty good and the violence and gore is top notch. It just misses something. It follows a fairly similar story line and progression to the original "Dawn of the Dead" but something about the souped up special effects leaves me feeling like I miss the "Good old Days" so to speak.

The plot itself follows a few small groups of people who after the zombie apocalypse have holed up in a shopping mall in an effort to survive. Obviously with the situation unfolding around them the tensions mount and relationships between the parties are strained... one by one they are picked of by the hordes of zombies surrounding and breaking into the mall to feast on the survivors. There are slight plot differences, enough to keep it interesting and updated for current fans but no major departures from the original story line.

One thing that really annoyed me about this film was the fast moving zombies, to me zombies are supposed to be slow, sluggish and brain dead, where as these zombies run around like Olympic sprinters and seem to be able to master more complex operations than the zombies featured in the original film.

That aside, I really don't have any problems with anything else the film has done and in a way its probably a necessary evil as I'm sure it exposed a whole new generation of scare fans to the work of George Romero.

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MAY (2002)

May (2002)Man! This film was something else!

I hadn't heard anything about the film (not even sure I'd heard of the film) before viewing it, but got it from a friend of mine with highest recommendations. She had said before that it started out a bit like a 'chick flick' and degenerated into a full on horror movie from there. She wasn't wrong

The film itself centers around May, who is an awkward and socially mal-adjusted young lady. May has no self confidence and has never had a boyfriend (or maybe never had any real friends) and upon meeting a boy for the first time she becomes obsessed by him. He of course freaks out and dumps her. May then takes things to the next level to be with her man. This is where it gets hard to describe anything further in the movie for fear of ruining the movie for you guys.

May is perfectly cast by a young woman I'd never heard of before (Angela Bettis)... she is creepy, introspective and morbidly obsessed with the idea of finding companionship. Her performance really allows the viewer to feel for her, and in my case fall for her a little.

Overall I found the film rather fun to watch and captivating from start to finish... Its not a big budget affair but rather well shot and executed. I have no complaints about this film at all.... the gore levels are high enough to keep most gore-hounds happy with proceedings while the story more than holds up on its own. All in all "May" is one creeeeepy film!

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This one, directed in 1981 by a then relatively unknown,  but rising star after his directorial effort in "The Hills have Eyes" in 1977, Wes Craven  revolves around a group of women who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of living in bible belt America surrounded by a backward religious sect known as the "Hittites".

Wes Craven - Deadly Blessing 1981

Modelled on the Amish community they fear god and everything else they deem falling outside his teachings. Nothing really too bad in that I guess if that's how you feel you want to live your live but one of the flock (the same guy who played the inbred in "The Hills have Eyes / Goonies") starts taunting (well in this day and age it would be victimizing) the young women on fear they are incubus, sent by the devil to temp men.

This one stars a very young Sharon Stone as one of the sisters. The other two sisters are really good looking too so at least there's some eye candy as an added bonus. On another note, it's interesting how many big stars seem to have gotten a leg up in horror films and in particular Wes Craven's works. This one I would have to say falls closer to the "thriller" territory than straight out horror but either way I think it's a great watch.

Anyway back to the plot, one excommunicated member of the religious sect dies under a tractor in mysterious circumstances, then the big slow guy William is knocked off next... the mystery deepens as to who is killing off the locals but of course I won't go any further than that for fear of ruining the story for you, rest assured there are some good plot twists that keep the viewer interested for the duration of the film. While I wouldn't go so far as to say its a classic its a great watch and definitely worth seeing if you can get a hold of the film.

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Another one from the vault of politically incorrect over the top exploitation flicks from the late 70s/early 80's. Directed by Italian director Umberto Lenzi, also responsible for Man from Deep River (widely regarded as responsible for starting up the Cannibal film genre and featuring a few of the same actors as this film) and Cannibal Ferox after this film

Basically this one follows the story of a wealthy cotton farm heiress, Sheila who is investigating the disappearance of her older sister suspecting that she may have become involved in a strange religious cult in jungles of Asia (New Guinea). She then heads off to find out what has become of her sister. Along the way she partners up with Mark, an ex Vietnam vet for protection before making her journey through the savage and cruel jungle. After an eventful run through the jungles she finds her sister in a settlement/commune type set up run by cult leader Jonas, which is of course surrounded by cannibals and dangerous animals.

The usual assortment of gore, animal killings, ritual sacrifice, nudity, primitive and violet rituals and of course cannibalism one would hope to see when watching a film like this are present to make this a pretty confronting but entertaining watch. Shot in the same grizzly reality style as other films in the genre,  it does not have quite the same feel as Cannibal Holocaust, but this will pretty much appeal to anyone  who liked that film. Probably not quite at the same level of extremity but not far off either, it holds it own in terms of gore thats for sure. Probably not recommended for the easily offended or those new to the horror genre. This is some pretty full on stuff, its sleazy and filled with atrocity after atrocity and would have been one of the most extreme movies ever committed to film at the time. Either way its a solid watch and defs worth the time to watch it.

This is the second time I've watched this and was able to absorb it a little better than the first time I watched and reviewed this film a few years back. One detail I missed the first time round was the amount of animal deaths, ie: animals eating and preying on each other. It really paints the jungle as a violent place and sets the tone for the violence of humans to not seem out of place in the jungle.

I've managed to find a version on you tube that looks reasonably sharp if you want to check it out for yourself

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Blood Feast 2016 Remake - Reviewed at http://www.gorenography.comIt's easy to say "Groan... Not another remake of a film that didn't need to be remade" but lets face it... while the original Blood Feast from 1963 raised (or lowered depending on how you look at it) the bar for cinematic depictions of gore, it was hardly a cinematic masterpiece.

This remake has a few things going for it... It's quite reasonably shot and produced.. as a stand alone movie its not too bad at all... The gore effects are really well done as well.... which of course will put it at odds with fans of the original film. 1963s Blood Feast was a B Grade explosion of hammy acting, and gore ... the likes of which had never been seen before.

One question I know you're all going to ask is "How is the gore in this film?" … With this version the gore  is stepped up again, and there's some definitely cringe worthy moments for even seasoned horror fans in this one. It s a lot more convincing than the original... and while I would have to say it builds into one of the more extreme climaxes out there, its definitely got a few squeamish moments - Enough to make most of the hardened gore fiends out there wince at least a little.

The plot is a little different featuring of course Ramses who in this movie is running a little American Style diner in France and financially struggling. He works a night job at the museum with the hopes of pulling himself out of debt. Obviously working two jobs is stressful and things are getting a bit much for poor old Ramses and he looses his medication and starts seeing visions of the ancient Egyptian goddess Ishtar. Ramses then sets about to hold a "Blood Feast", a cannibalistic ritual feast in the hopes of resurrecting and then becoming one with the goddess Ishtar.

Ramses has a family, not the least of whom is his daughter played by the stunning Sophie Monk (a definite plus for this film) who he hopes will join him for the climatic crescendo of blood and meat.

Overall I quite enjoyed this film and while I don't get precious about remakes this one really didn't have that much to live up to anyway. In some ways it surpassed the original and in other ways it didn't have the same punch as the original would have had. It IS however immensely more watchable for people who don't get the old school horror, and lets face it most of us weren't born when the original came out...  and for that it could be a useful tool in introducing a new generation of gore fans to some *cough* classic horror.

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The Shining - Reviewed on

This is one of those moments that make being an hopelessly addicted horror fan worth it. There is nothing I can fault with this film. The film is of course an adaptation of genre leading horror novelist Stephen King's book of the same name, but it is IMMACULATELY filmed and executed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick who has a knack for creating atomspheres that are suspenseful and virtually "unearthly" (***my description for lack of any other words***). The characters are perfectly cast in this film. My understanding of Kubrick is that he is basically and obsessive tyrannical director who would push his cast to the point of breaking, but in this film it has worked perfectly. You can feel the tension of the characters who in the film are pushed to breaking point (in the film and quite likely reality).

This of course stars Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrence the asshole husband and wannabe writer who scores a job as a care taker of a hotel that shuts down over the winter season. The job works well for Jack as it lets him write his novel but also provides a steady paycheck to keep his family going. Mr Nicholson has carved a niche for himself in cinema history for playing the asshole (the Joker etc...) and in this film he does it very well, a little too well in fact....  it's quite unnerving.

Jack drags his wife and son up to the hotel where they will spend the season virtually hibernating in an awake state for the snow season. Cut off from virtually all other human contact they will have to survive in an insular environment till the summer thaw.

This is a hard film to review for fear of ruining surprises for you, but two major things happen … Jack starts to develop a "Cabin Fever" type response to being trapped inside the resort and starts seeing things that aren't really there and basically loosing his mind at a rapid rate, and Jack's son who possesses an ability, known as "The Shining" to see the atrocities that haunt the house realizes that the house is evil and begins to worry that his father will hurt them.

What follows is an enthralling documentation of Jack Torrence's descent into dementia and depending on how deeply you want to analyse the film, an analysis of the human psyche when put under pressure.

All I can do is recommend this film whole heartedly to you... and hope that you guys get the same reaction that I did out of watching this film.

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Nosferatu - Reviewed at
Now we're going right back to the start of Horror cinema... Nosferatu!

I have to say this took me a couple of attempts to get into the right headspace to sit and watch this film but when I finally got my head right to sit down and appreciate it it was well worth it.

Some interesting background on this film was that while it was based on Bram Stokers "Dracula" it never gained legal rights to do so and instead of using the words vampire they are referred to as "Nosferatu" and instead of using the name Dracula they called the main villain "Count Orlok". They were still sued and as a result of copyright infringement all copies of the film were ordered to be destroyed. Thankfully at least a few must have survived for the movie to have remained in circulation until the digital age we now find ourselves in.

NOTE: I'm going to go into more detail with this plot as I'm sure any fan of the genre pretty much knows the story of Bram Stokers Dracula anyway, its by no means a comprehensive outline of the plot, lest it would become an essay length blog entry... but if you would rather no spoilers .. skip the next paragraph.

Nosferatu follows the story of a young real estate agent, "Hutter" who is acquiring real estate in England  for the wealthy Transylvanian Count Orlok. As the commissions on the property deal will be big, he is asked to travel to Carpathia (In Transylvania)  see the Count in person.  As he gets close to the Counts abode the tour guides refuse to go any further. He does not take this as a warning, but instead presses on to visit the count. ... and of course falls under the vampires (I mean NOSFERATU) spell. Upon entering the castle he dines with the Count and cuts his finger , which stirs  up a blood lust within the count and he sucks the blood dripping from Hutter's finger. Its then Hutter realizes things are getting strange. Hutter stays in the house and is bitten in his sleep by the Nosferatu. He starts to fall under the spell of the Count. Hutter's betrothed, Eilleen whilst still back in England also falls under the spell of the Nosferatu from across the seas. Orlok is then transported to England via sea vessell (whilst killing most or all of the crew with a plague that seems to be carried by him.. and spread into the town where he bought his house) whilst Hutter also tries to escape the Castle but hits his head and is found by the villagers who keep him in an infirmary to rest him up, wasting valuable time and giving the Count a great headstart. Hutter eventually recovers and sets sail back home,  only to find England ravaged by an plague which the Nosferatu has unleashed on the town. Count Orlok is keen is keen to sink his teeth into Hutter's fiancĂ©,  but Eileen has read in a forbidden tome that the way to defeat a vampire is to keep him distracted by feminine beauty until the sun comes up which she does (by default) and of course the Count vapourises into dust and the curse he's brought with him is nullified.

The movie itself is primitive and has no dialogue. You can kind of see the stuttering of the frames. The film is shot in Black and White / Sepia and in some places seems to have a strange green hue to it (I'm not sure if the restoration process did this or the original film)  The accompanying music is a recreation as the original score had been lost in time... But there in lies the charm of this film. The music that accompanies this film is quite hypnotic and other worldly in its own way and adds to the atmosphere of the film. Scenes are cut with script text laid out in old style gothic script which does help a lot, but also adds to the arcane feeling of this film. But like I said it did take me a while to get into the headspace required to appreciate this work, but I have a sneaky feeling this is the film that spark a new interest in vintage horror for me (Note: it most certainly DID!) 

Anyway here's a really neat, HD version of the film I've found on YouTube for your enjoyment so check it out!

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OUIJA (2014)

Ouija - 2014 - reviewed at Gorenography.comThis is a neat little film! I didn't hold too much hope for it as it had copped some negative reviews on the net but I have to say I really liked it. Ouija is probably more a thriller (or a supernatural thriller) than a gore flick, but there are some cool horror effects to be seen as the film progresses. After a slow-ish beginning things do ramp up and I have to say it kept me on the edge of my seat and even provided this seasoned horror veteran with a few jumps and that unnerving feeling of having watched a genuinely scary flick.

The film centres around two now teenage girls, Laine and Debbie who are inseperable best friends, who both seem to have everything going for them. Debbie inexplicably kills herself one afternoon after acting a little strange. Laine is not convinced Debbie killed herself and suspects that Debbie had been messing around with a Ouija board and decides to investigate. She and her friends begin using the board with the hopes of calling up Debbie and finding out what happened but inadvertantly summon up a more malevolent entity.

That's probably about as far as I can go without ruining the plot for you, dear reader, but the plot does have some neat twists and a few good scares. As a film its quite well shot, and flows well as a film and it kept my interest through out the film. Due to the nature of the film, I don't know how it would hold up to repeated viewings but overall I enjoyed it!

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FRIDAY 13th Part 4

With Friday the 13th upon us it is of course time to throw on another installment of the Friday the 13th series.

Friday 13th part 4: The Final ChapterOne of the biggest horror franchises in history returns for another trip around the block. The movie opens with another recap of the last movie where Jason is carted off to the morgue... and another group of over sexed teenagers descend on to Camp Crystal Lake to party and carry on as they do in these films. Among the usual assortment of teenagers another family takes up residency there with a young Corey Feldman as Tommy the 12 year old kid of the family.

The box office takings from the third installment were surprisingly good, so good in fact, that Jason somehow resurrects himself from the massive injuries and escapes from the morgue to start wreaking havoc on Crystal Lake once again. If you can suspend disbelief long enough to believe that he could recover get through that what you have is a quite enjoyable teenage slasher film in the tradition of the 3 that preceded it. Heaps of attractive females and some cool killings keep things moving along nicely. Despite the sarcastic tone of this paragraph, I have to say I did enjoy this movie and would again recommend to any fans of the first 3 movies. If you haven't seen a friday the 13th film, I'd suggest you go back to the beginning and start from there, as this is one series that's much more enjoyable in chronological order.

Anyway you guys have a great friday 13th whatever you're doing ... and if you're looking for more horror reviews always check out

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Following hot on the heels of the original "A Nightmare on Elm St." movie, which had done unexpectedly well at the box office it was time to strike while the iron was hot so to speak.

Plot wise it follows on from the first movie with a new family that has moved into the Thompson house on Elm St. after the events of the first movie had taken place. Obviously I'm assuming if you're reading this you've seen the previous movie (but if not check out our article on it here). Jesse a teenage boy is having some disturbing nightmares centering in on an unknown character who is trying to get Jesse to do his killing for him. After learning of the horrid past of the house they've just moved into from another student at school, Jesse and his love interest Lisa do some research into the house and find Nancy's diary left there and realise it is the same creature haunting his dreams that caused so  much bloodshed in the first movie, Freddy Krueger.

A Nightmare on Elm St pt 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)Freddy is back and forcing his way into the real world through the dreams of Jesse. This movie takes on a more 'fantasy' approach to proceedings where it allows more emphasis to be placed on the Freddy character than in the first movie. This has the 3 fold effect of allowing for more creative horror effects and the building of another completely different realm within the dreams which can be explored in this film and the subsequent sequels that followed it, and also opening up the character of Freddy and most importantly allowing the viewer to build a relationship with the iconic character.

Similar to the first film Jesse is afraid to sleep for fear of the nightmare to make its way into reality but either way the body count starts to mount and it is up to Jesse to stop the dreams and with it, Freddy Krueger.

I didn't like this film as much as the first one, nor the sequels when I saw it as a teenager, but through the magic of DVD re-releases I've been able to go back and give it another watch through older eyes and I have to say I really liked it this time around. Obviously its not directed by Wes Craven but I think the film holds up well, and follows on from the first quite nicely. Obviously I wasn't the only one who liked it as it managed to surpass the original in terms of box office success as well ($40mil at box office) and pave the way for a raft of sequels. The movie itself has gone on to be a staple part in what is one of the most successful horror franchises of all time

Anyway track it down for yourself, there's an 8 pack DVD release which I've got quite cheaply which is a great way to get the whole series in one hit which you should be able to get quiet easily online.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978
Now this one, I have to admit... I'd never seen before, not this version or the original. Whilst obviously I can't comment on the original or much less the book that came before that, this is a great film in its own right that keeps your interest the whole way through, with some big names who both deliver pretty solid performances in my opinion ... It stars Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum (the Fly remake, Jurassic Park etc...) and the one and only Leonard Nimoy (Dr. Spock of Star Trek fame)  It's not too high on the gore so you could really show it to younger horror fans as well so it could be a bit of fun for the whole family, it sits halfway between horror and science fiction but should appeal to both crowds equally.

The plot itself revolves around a strange goo like substance that attaches itself to plants and grows some mighty strange flowers ... I'm not sure if its spores that attack the humans and eventually kill them or there's something I missed in the plot, but either way the plant like creature is killing off humans and growing replacements for them which it then tries to assimilate back into society. The only problem is that the humans are not the same mentally, appearing to be distant and not themselves to anyone that knows them. Its not long before the central characters Elizabeth, discovers her boy friend / fiance is not himself and enlists the help of a few friends including heath board official (Sutherland) and his friend (Goldblum) and a psychiatrist (Nimoy) who stumble on to the truth that the alien plants have started replacing humans and have to find a way to stop this before the invasion takes a hold on the human population as a whole

I don't know if I'd go so far as to say its an all time classic of either the horror or the sci-fi genre but at the end of the day it was rather enjoyable and a great way to spend a couple of hours. I would recommend it to everyone who considers themselves a horror or sci-fi fan

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HOSTEL (2005)

This is an interesting one, I'd seen this a when it first came out and to be honest I didn't think that much of it, but that was years ago, and I'd already started to get sick of the newer style of horror that was coming out.

After having a few beers at a friends house he chucked the movie back on and I thought "Why not give it another shot?" and I'm glad I did.

Hostel - Eli Roth 2005Hostel was important for a few reasons, it is credited as starting off the "torture porn" genre of horror films its not to say that its particularly more extreme than many of the other films reviewed here that came before it, but it did drag the more extreme end of horror out into the mainstream where as before (from my memories) this level of gore or violence was more at the underground subculture level of horror. This I guess was due to two things the skill that the then newcomer to the horror genre Eli Roth brought to the table, and the muscle that Quentin Tarantino's production company would be able to throw behind it.

The plot itself is pretty well thought out and well written as well..... revolving around a group of university students that take a back packing holiday in Eastern Block Europe (Amsterdam, Slovakia, Romania etc...) partying, drinking and carrying on like most young backpackers would do. During their travels they meet other like minded young adults and after a night of partying one of them (Oli) goes missing and while the other stick around to see if they can figure out what happened to their friend they too are drugged and abducted into a strange organized crime ring where wealthy business men pay large sums of money to torture and kill people for little more than sport.

What follows is a litany on torture and mutilation the likes of which all but the hardcore horror fans would have yet to have been exposed to. The gore is graphic and sadistic which will keep almost any gore fiend happy, but  more importantly it is a well written and rather watchable film which holds belief for the viewer (unless of course gore upsets you) but I'd recommend it to any seasoned fan of horror or those not easily offended.

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DEMONS (1985)

Demons / Demoni (1985) by Dario Argento / Lamberto Bava Movie poster
Directed by Dario Argento (also known for his work on Suspiria) this one is less of a "thinker" than Suspiria, more a film where you can just sit back and enjoy the over the top gore.

I had seen a download of this film before, but seeing it again on BluRay was something else all together, I'm not sure if its been remastered and coded onto blu ray but the picture was really sharp, much sharper than I remember it. The film itself is well shot and the horror effects are really cool, though they can look a little dated as many 80's horror flicks can tend to do.

Another really cool thing about this film is the most righteously rocking 80's rock soundtrack featuring Motley Crue, Saxon and heaps more, its a fun ride and nothing to be taken too seriously. I said before the gore content in the film was over the top (and the film itself got an 18 rating on my copy) its nothing too full on or offensive ... good, clean, gory, pus filled fun!

The plot itself is pretty straight forward featuring a few central characters including some young adults / teenagers, hookers, married couples young and old who all go to a screening of a new horror movie and one of the aforementioned hookers tries on a display mask, set up as a promotional display) before entering the theatre. The mask cuts her and whilst watching the film she develops an infection which turns her into a zombie like creature (I guess a demon as the title alludes) who of course embarks on a murderous rampage and the movie goers are soon exposed to a real life horror movie in which they are part of the proceedings. As usual I won't spoil the plot beyond this point, but what follows is a epic gorefest contained within the cinema

Whilst I won't say its a classic by any means its definitely a worth watch and great fun!

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Looks like we've got some great movie action coming up in the near future with new installments from A Nightmare on Elm St, Halloween (with John Carpenter attached) and a remake of one of my favorate films of all time, Re Animator and something I'm definitely keen to see... Slender Man. Check 'em out below!

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Hobo with a Shot Gun (2011) Starring Rutger HauerHoly crap! This one is hard going, but  a great film. Starring Rutger Hauer (Salute of the Jugger) this is a grim portrayal of the not too distant future where gangs have taken over and reduced the city to a cesspool of addiction and poverty. Our protagonist (the Hobo) seems to be the only one prepared to take on the gang ruling the city in a violent and grim one man retaliation.

Our hobo proceeds to wage a one man war on the drug cartels that rule the city whilst making a valuable friend in a young prostitute, together the two find a little bit of the paradise they've been looking for in each other in a non sexual way of course.This is bloody, gritty and hard look at what could so easily happen in many big cities. The violence and gore is quite contronting in this one and i'd recommend it for hardened violence/gore fiends maybe not for the horror newbie!

I remember seeing this one on the big screen in a double feature alongside Human Centipede 2 and again left the cinema feeling like I'd gone a round with Mike Tyson or something. This is cinema noir at its ultimate, black and disturbing, a grim look at what society could well become depending on what turns it takes in the future

Anyway as luck would have it you can watch the whole thing on youtube! Enjoy!

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Friday, 8 June 2018

XTRO (1982)

This one film that I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on, considered a cult classic I was excited to finally get my hands on a VHS copy of this bad boy! This one sits half way between sci-fi and horror and would probably appeal to both crowds.

The plot focuses in on a young boy, Tony whose dad is abducted by aliens. He's struggling to deal with it obviously and longs for the return of this dad. Meanwhile a strange alien creature is lurking in the country side attacking innocent humans and on the second occasion impregnating them with its alien embryo.

The title "Xtro" to me suggests the film was meant to cash in on the wave of publicity and interest in sci-fi garnered by Stephen Spielberg's film ET. This one however is not family viewing and more aimed at the seasoned horror fan. The gore factor is pretty high, and quite impactful especially the scene where the woman who was raped by the alien gives birth to a full sized version of Tony's missing dad!

Tony's dad is not the same as he was however this becomes apparent in a gruesome chain of events that I won't spoil for you. Regardless, it's good squeamish fun!

The film itself is quite watchable and would definitely be considered a cult classic in my books. It apparently got canned by critics at the time, but this time I'm going to have to disagree and say I think its a B Grade classic. It's well shot and keeps the viewer interested the whole way through the film. Being an English production the pommie accents dominate the film and old school 'moog' type synthesizer sounds really ad a creepy atmosphere to the proceedings.

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Friday, 1 June 2018


This is  a wonderful movie for a few reasons.... It is expertly shot, produced and sequenced and for my money really holds the viewer gripped to their seat for the entire length of the movie, at no point is the viewer feeling like the pace has slowed down or bored. The star power in this one is at peak levels with Anthony Hopkins starring along side Jodie Foster as the Psychopathic Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Clarise Starling respectively.

The Slence of the Lambs - reviewed at
Secondly the film gets into the mind of serial killer like no other movie I've ever seen. I haven't read the book, so I can't tell you if it was author Tom Harris' knowledge of the killers' psyche or if the movie producers took it to a new level but either way they've really connected the viewer to the mind of the serial killer with Hopkins' character Hannibal Lecter.

The plot revolves around a young FBI agent (nearing the end of her training) who is obviously standing out from the current crop of students and is asked to talk to long time incarcerated serial killer / cannibal and psychologist Hannibal Lecter in the hopes of picking his brain about a new killer who they can't track down. Hannibal is as mentioned above a psychologist by trade and an expert in getting inside peoples psyche and a master manipulator, none of the other FBI agents have been able to get anything out of him but Clarise manages to find a soft spot in Dr. Lecter who helps her out in a cryptic round about way which leaves Clarise to have to get tot he bottom of both Lecters clues and the serial killer before he kills his latest victim.

This is one of those films that anyone into horror really needs to watch, it does have a reasonable amount of gore and violence but focuses in more on the psychological aspects and probably is closer to a thriller than a horror but either way the quality of this film will appeal far beyond the base of horror fiends and is a staple in may mainstream movie fans list of favorate movies.

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Sunday, 27 May 2018


This is George Romero's ground breaking zombie flick from 1968.   

Shot on Black and White film, and filmed on what can only be described as a shoe-string budget this film is singlehandedly responsible for bringing zombies as we know them today  (as opposed to the haitian/voodoo zombies in movies like White Zombie that had previously been depicted in movies until then) into the mainstream of modern culture and spawning countless zombie films just like it, some better and many immeasurably worse. It is also the earliest film I can think of that uses explicit gore, levels of gore which now have been rendered "cute" by todays standards but were revolutionary by late 60's standards.

Basically the plot revolves around a scenario where the dead are coming back to life and a small group of survivors are trapped in a farmhouse left to defend themselves with whatever weapons they can find, while the undead around them are literally "chomping at the bit" to take a bite out of them.
While much of  it now would be considered outdated and the special effects used rather plain this is still quite a watchable film and something that you could use to introduce your kids to the world of horror without traumatizing them. Featuring none of the over the top gore that the following films in the franchise (Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead etc....) were renowned for, this can probably be considered one of the safer films for the horror newbie, where I guess hardened gore-fiends might find the pace of this one a bit slow.

Over all its a great watch, and historically important to gain an understanding where the zombie infection first took a hold on mainstream cinema audiences

It is presented below in all its glory on you tube for those that haven't had the pleasure!

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Friday, 25 May 2018

THE THING ... (1952)

The Thing from Another world (1952) reviewed at
The full title for this one is THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD .... .  but I've never really heard it referred to as that... so I'll call it "The Thing". It's essentially an adaptation of a short story called 'Who goes there?" from the 30's which was later done again by master horror director John Carpenter in 1982.

The plot revolves around a military operation in the north pole concerning a UFO that went down in the artic. Upon investigation the crew accidently blow up the craft but find the frozen remains of the alien nearby the site and take it back, with the intention of testing it.  However the "Thing" thaws out faster than they'd anticipated and escapes the military facility and slaughters a couple of military dogs in the snow,  but not without the dogs removing an arm off the "thing" which is taken back to be tested. Upon testing it is determined the arm belongs to a creature not of this world composed of materials closer to plant life than human flesh and blood. However the "Thing" can change shape and mimic humans which it does and then its up to the rest of the defence force personell on the base to stop the thing before it wastes them.

The movie itself is quite reasonable when considering it is a B & W feature directed in the early 50s. I have to say I found it quite enjoyable for what it is, but unfortunately it doesn't stand up against the later version done by John Carpenter (which I'd already seen) but like many movies of this era I still think its worth watching if only as a historical reference and to see how far Carpenter took the film. I should also qualify this by admitting I'm not a huge fan of science fiction and while this film was rated the best sci-fi of its year and is quite highly regarded,  I Just found it a little slow going. The film itself has very little horror, as lets face it most films of the time would have done, it also would have been cool to see the "Thing" a little more (though I guess the special FX standards of the time wouldn't have done it justice). This is by no means a bad film, I was just a little underwhelmed by it after having seen the 1982 version.

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

FEAST (2005)

This is by no means a classic of the horror genre but it's a decent watch and manages to keep your attention the whole way through. It's produced by horror legend Wes Craven (responsible for A Nightmare on Elm St. , and Last House on the Left amongst others) so you know it will be of at least decent quality. The creature effects and horror are top notch with the horror looking very convincing with some genuinely disturbing scenes in this

The movie itself revolves around a bar in "outback" America (presumably Texas), where the few locals are having a quiet drink and a distressed traveller comes in warning of the vicious creatures attacking everything in site. The creatures themselves are hideous and well designed. The locals board up the bar and prepare for the coming onslaught. The action pretty much takes place within the confines of the bar as one by one the drinkers are picked off by the flesh eating creatures.

The plot is fairly simple and straight forward (I've pretty much summed it up there) the group covers the usual stereotypes, couple of tough biker looking types and singer Henry Rollins as a character called 'Coach' the action moves along well and the film is quite enjoyable... Some impressive star power with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as two of the main barfly characters make sure this will have a larger than B grade appeal. Over all its less of a 'thinker' and more a sit back and enjoy the ride type of movie...

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


"Deathstalker (1984) reviewed on http://www.gorenography.comHmmm.... not sure what to say about this one, it had the potential to be good, not great but at least decent as a B grade, but some shitty editing in the fight scenes and the general cheesy-ness in the ending for me has dropped it back to "D" grade. I've since found out this film was directed by none other than ROGER CORMAN who was responsible for a literal tidal wave of crap films that came out in the 80's (and possibly late 70's) which would explain a lot.

 As a fantasy film, It's a bit thin on the plot, but at the time of release there probably wasn't much to compete with with the exception of "Conan the Barbarian" which would have blown it out of the water in terms of both plot and direction and choreography, so basically just go watch that instead.

Plot wise it revolves around some quest or something to find an amulet, ring and something else, possibly a sword. There's witches and ogres and dwarf like things, some hot barbarian babes get naked, not long into the film the focus seems to switch to a warrior tournament held the king Munkar, of a nearby town who holds a couple of the items Deathstaler is questing for. I have to say it felt kind of disjointed in parts, but somehow I doubt that anyone who lasted more than 20 minutes into the movie really cares that much anyway.

Still if you have nothing better to do, it will kill an hour and a half of your life and there's some nice looking females to keep you half interested and some laughs from the corny special effects and half baked sword play.  Like I said before,  a little more time, thought and money into this film and it could have been a solid "B" grade watch. 

Again I have found it on you tube for you guys !!!

Saturday, 12 May 2018


Now this is a refreshing change, a horror/comdey that's actually funny.... While I doubt anything in this movie would scare anyone reading this blog this is a genuinely funny watch. Elvira (most famous for her movie compare's in the 80s) stars as herself in the 1800's as a struggling performer making her way from from Carpathia to Paris (with no money) where she is to perform as part of some review.

Elvira and her assistant are picked up by a business man who is making his way to Romania and the Elvira spends the night in a castle owned by the business associate he's supposed to meet, where it is discovered she bares a striking resemblance to the Owner's (Lord Hellsebus) deceased wife Ellura

The plot thickens as basically everyone in the household seems to loose their minds over the Ellura connection... A mystery which Elvira comically gets to the bottom of in her own unique way.

Whilst in the castle Elvira gets up to her usual hijinks an of course looks stunning in her black and rather asset revealing trademark dress. The cheesy jokes, black humor, some musical numbers and innuendo we all love are here, though not as obvious as in the first film. It's nothing to be taken too seriously and is probably best enjoyed with a light heart... leave your brain at the door and have a good laugh!. I found this one to be immensely fun, though I will say I liked Elvira's first movie better.

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Friday, 4 May 2018


As I jammed this one into the DVD player I sat down with beer in hand eagerly awaiting another chapter in Romero's  "...Dead" series........ Luckily I bought this one for a couple of dollars at a flea market because it was only a few minutes into the film I realised I'd been duped.

Basically its either a blatent rip off or a poorly executed tribute to George Romero. The Day of the Dead logo is used (or ripped off) leading one to believe its an official part of Romero's franchise. The cover art is also presented in the same style as "Day of the Dead"and is presented as a prequel of sorts to the cult classic.

The "Acting" in this film is woeful....... No body in the cast displays any redeeming qualities and now I think about it, I don't recall seeing any of these people before or since this film... Safe to say the dead really to have a better chance of coming back to life than these poor peoples acting careers.

There is a plot of sorts, but I have no idea really as much of it didn't make any sense anyway (many details to me just seemed to me to be out of time-line flow anachorisms IE: how did they have video calling in a movie that was meant to have taken place before DAY OF THE DEAD?) ...  I couldn't focus on it, and it just annoyed me, so I decided to drink more beer instead... There are some half reasonable special effects  and a lot of shithouse special effects which come across as cheap and half arsed.  Later on in the film the quality of gore and zombies does improve to the point where its actually *somewhat* reasonable, but unfortunately that alone does not make a movie make. 

Overall best avoid ,,, there are lots of other much higher quality zombie flicks to get before you worry about wasting time and money on this one, even some of the other shit ones (zombie women of satan, troma films etc....)  at least throw in some laughs or female nudity... but this has no real redeeming qualities at all.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Reviewed at http://www.gorenography.comThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre (a horror classic in its own right) was loosely based on a true story of a series of Texas killings and based on the life of Ed Gein. Not sure how accurate the retelling of said story was but in this the sequel, from my understanding it took a LOT of liberties with the truth but the plot departs further into a more twisted tale of mass killings, taking place 13 years after the still unsolved murders portrayed in the original film.

This is a higher budget, and much gorier continuation of the story, focusing on not only on Leatherface but the rest of his family. I guess the family that plays together ,  stays together.

Having said that, if you can suspend some disbelief in the plot and timeline (like how did the family get so much money/time to create the entire underground section of the farm between the times of part 1 and this movie...)  this is a great watch and captivating from start to finish. The twisted depravity of Leatherface's family is captured perfectly... has a very similar feel in parts to Rob Zombie movies like "House of 1000 corpses" perhaps this was an influence on a young mr. Zombie? Who knows?

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Sunday, 29 April 2018

THE RING (2002)

I have to confess I haven't seen the original Japanese version of this (directed only a few years earlier) but after watching this one I'll definitely get around to it sometime soon (I have the Ring O prequel to watch as well) This film is a genuinely thrilling and suspenseful ride. Australian actress Naomi Watts as lead character Rachel looks stunning in this and everyone does a great job in acting their parts so theirs no real complaints here to level at the film makers.

There's no real gore or horror perse in this movie either which means it has to rely on direction and a solid plot both of which it has in ample quantities.

The plot itself revolves around a video tape which has been circulating for a while now and whoever watches it dies after 7 days. The last two victims being Rachel's niece and her boyfriend.... Obviously Rachel doesn't believe in the curse that the VHS tape carries but starts investigating the case and backtracking the events that led up to the death of her niece. Investigations lead her to a cabin her niece and friends shared on the night she viewed the tape and of course Rachel ends up watching the tape as well. The then asks her ex partner for advice about the tape and of course he ends up watching it thus numbering his days as well.

As investigations continue the VHS starts manifesting itself into real life which is when Rachel realises she's got some big problems ahead of her. The race to get to the bottom of the cursed tape starts. Some great plot twists ensure the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through, but of course I won't spoil those bits for you so you'll just have to watch it for yourself!

Anyway I thought this was quite a well done film and would have no problems recommending it to anyone. And if nothing else I did learn a little more about the VHS format I grew up watching horror movies on!

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Saturday, 28 April 2018


Its a quiet Saturday night in for me this week and I thought I'd put one something easier on the senses so I dragged out an old VHS copy of FRANKENSTEIN.

Since writing this blog I've gained an appreciation for the horror classics, and I have to say out of all the golden era (20s and 30s period) this is probably my favorite. This is one movie I have to say really works well on the VHS format, the picture probably wasn't shot in anything more high definition than a tape would have been and the analogue tape format really carries the soundtrack and dialogue of the film well.

I'm sure we all have a fair idea of the plot or have at least read the book so there's no huge necessity for me to outline the plot again. Boris Karloff (see also The Mummy) once again is cast as the creature and while I'm not familiar with anyone else acting in the film they all do a great job, movies as this one rely on dialogue and the interplay with light/shadows and of course the soundtrack and a great job is done in all areas.

Production values aside it rolls along nicely as a film, the visual quality seems ahead of the other monster films of the time and doesn't feel as slow paced as some of the other films of the generation. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it the whole way through. Another point to mention is that Frankenstein's monster is not an ambitious talk to recreate with the technology of the time as some of the creatures (universal monsters) look quite comical now where as in this case the monster is quite believable.

As with most films of this era there's no real gore or graphic violence so you can watch it with your younger children or elderly parents without the fear of upsetting anyone. I couldn't find a free online version of it but its available to stream on You Tube or I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding it at a second hand store or Ebay or something

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Monday, 23 April 2018

MACABRE (2009)

This is an Indonesian horror flick, I was unaware they had any sort of film industry there let alone a horror scene.... but I have to say this one isn't bad... In fact I was quite impressed with it!

The plot focus in on a group of tourists, who seem to be of mixed decent (either Indian or south east Asian) They decide to go on a break in Indonesia and let their hair down a little. On the drive back from a bar they meet a young attractive woman by the side of the road who says she'd been robbed. The friends decide to pick her up and take her back home. Her family are obviously glad to see her returned alive and thank the friends for their kindness by offering them a place to rest and a hearty meal.

This is where the plot thickens and it turns out the family are a murderous gang of butchers who on sell human meat to the wealthy elite.

I won't say the plot is fairly predictable, it does start out a little 'paint by numbers' but as the movie progresses we do get a couple of nice twists in it, and it is quite entertaining and the gore / violence levels are quite high, grim in parts actually, and the gore/bloodshed quite realistic adding well to the brutality of the movie. One thing that may deter watchers is the fact that the film is not in English, it does have English subtitles, but really the plot isn't that complicated so once the gang are in the house and it's evident what's going on you really don't need to focus too hard on the subs as the visual aspects of the film more or less keep it going.

Anyway if you do see this around or can download it, its defs worth a watch........ for more great movie reviews