Monday, 27 March 2017


To be honest I hadn't heard of this film, I was really just looking for "Ozzy Osbourne" songs to listen to on youtube, but since this one came up in my search results I thought I'd give it a shot.... And why not? I quite like what little I've seen of Vincent Price films. While this one may or may not be considered "Horror" by todays standards, it is a pretty cool little viewing experience....... hardened gore fiends may or may not dig this as it does not have any real horror or violence (well very little violence) but touches on darker themes in a similar way to what Alfred Hitchcock did with his movies. Its also a movie that you can watch if you've got kids around without fear of scarring them for life which can be a good thing too for the parents out there. "The most terrifying motion picture ever created?" I think not, but still a great film.

Starring Vincent price as Simon the magistrate who prior to his death is possessed by an evil spirit, which attaches itself to him from a meeting with a deranged killer. Simon rekindles an interest in sculpture to quell the bad dreams. The subject of his artistic musings, Odette takes a shining to him and the pair decide to get married but the evil spirit that is trying to take a hold of Simon is getting stronger and this is where the things gets strange

The dialogue is a charming old world style affair and the plot holds water rather well, this is a well shot and executed film and quite captivating.

Anyway you guys can see for yourself below:

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Movies to watch!

Ok, I've been going through the past posts and reviews and deleting dead you tube links and replacing them where I can with links that actually work. Bear in mind some movies might have been taken down due to copywrite claims (which I think is entirely their right to do so) others due to the fact the channel has been taken down so what we've got left is a a collection of some pretty cool and some not as cool, movies that you can look at in an easy to access grid array and watch it directly from youtube! I will be going through these every now and then to make sure the links I have posted don't get removed but obviously that's going to happen every now and then so be forgiving!

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A lavishly shot and produced movie starring two of the most beautiful people on earth, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves, and lovingly voiced with period dialogue serving to make this a very authentic adaptation of an already classic tale of timeless love. Gothic imagery abounds and makes this a feast for the eyes as well as a great movie.

Keanu Reeves stars as a  young lawyer (Jonathon) who is set with a task of meeting and sealing a deal with the wealthy Count Dracula, who is buying up multiple properties in England. With hopes of securing a large enough commission to able to take care of his wife to be (Winona) Jonathon ventures into transylvania to meet with the count and ends up getting co-erced to staying the month with the Count, who is perfectly cast with Gary Oldman. This is of course where it gets weird.

The weirdness then spreads to London when the count makes his way over to England when the count sets his sights on young Mina whom the count believes to be his long lost love from centuries ago. I won't go into too much more detail for fear of ruing the plot experience but rest assured it is an interesting watch from start to finish.

It is the attention to detail in this film that really sets it apart from other works and lends itself to multiple viewings and sets it firmly in the realms of classic cinema. One thing that really strikes me is the way the producer (Francis Ford Coppola) used the shadows of the count to portray his supernatural existence. This is immensly captivating and the soundtrack perfectly conveys the creepy gothic horror feel of the film. The ladies are erotic and suggestive as all hell and this only serves to heighten the atmosphere of the film. I can't say enough good things about this movie

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Just wanted to send a big cheers and out to AEA (Auto Erotic Asphixium Zine) for their review / plug on their zine! hopefully we can get a few more metal heads over to read this blog as I know many of you metal dudes and dudettes love a good horror flick!

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Saturday, 18 March 2017


For some reason known only to myself, I decided to pick this as the my horror flick for the week :/

Troma films have a habit of being painfully shite. Luckily I found this one at flea market (as there's no way I'd pay full price for anything Troma release)

This one takes place on the set of a horror flick, while a serial killer picks off characters one by one. Beyond that, there doesn't seem to be any real plot to this story it does provide a few cheap laughs, cool gore scenes, and gratituous nudity so at least its not a total waste of time.  The best way to approach these films is not to think too hard about these things, turn off the brain and sit back and enjoy the brain dead horror fest that follows in the retarded footsteps of many Troma films before it. As an added bonus Troma co-founder Larry Kauffman plays a blind film director (which judging by their past efforts may explain a few things) and adds a cool feeling that they can take the piss out of themselves. There's some cool cameos in this too (most notably "Lemmy" from Motorhead) but really nothing will save this film or lift it out of the gutter in which it dwells.

Watch it once if you're bored shitless for some reason, or you're too hungover to think .... I can't see myself watching this one again to be honest but it wasn't a total waste of time.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017


Here's some cool and original artwork by a friend of mine who goes by the name of 'Scurvy' from Perth in Australia. What makes this stand out is that the art works are all painted using her own blood!
She's got a like page on facebook set up so go give it a look HERE , though its more to do with her photography than her art but hopefully she features all this stuff or gets another like page!

Art by scurvey (
Art by scurvey ( by scurvey ( Art by scurvey (

Art by scurvey (

Saturday, 4 March 2017


Ok, now that the site has been around a couple of years we've obviously got a fair few reviews that you guys can go back and read thru! They've all been listed on the "Reviews" page which you can access by clicking the tab above... there's some good ones in there too.... looking back on it I can't believe how many horror reviews I've managed to do!

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THE HILLS HAVE EYES (2006 - Remake)

The original "Hills Have Eyes" (directed by Wes Craven) from 1977 was an intensely creepy and engrossing affair and i have to say I think this is a worthy remake. Is it as good as the original? Not sure, I can barely remember the original as I watched it so long ago, but its a great film for those that never saw the original and a great re-boot.

This one centres around an extended family travelling across the American desert, when they are 'stopped' dead in their tracks in the middle of nowhere by some mysterious inbred mutated desert folk. Their sudden stop tests the existing tensions within the family while they figure out a way to get out of their predicament. A family divided of course makes an easier target and while the grandfather goes back into town (the nearest settlement with human life and a petrol station) the creepy children of the dirt circle in on the family and one by one commit atrocities on the unsuspecting family.

I found this one to be immensely watchable and genuinely disturbing and from what I remember the gore has been amplified substantially from the original.. While its impossible in my opinion to capture the feeling of those 70's horror flicks this does make up for it in other area's

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