Friday, 26 October 2018

HALLOWEEN 3 (1982)

This is the much maligned third installment of the "Halloween" franchise.

My understanding of the affairs surrounding the original Halloween was that the Mike Myers story was supposed to be a once off and the franchise itself was supposed to have been a collection of creepy stories surrounding the idea of Halloween. After the success of John Carpenters original film of course of the lure of easy sequel money became too much and Halloween 2 was produced (much to Carpenters dismay) but this one sees Carpenter return to the franchise in an effort to reprise his original vision of different and unconnected stories connected by the Halloween theme. Only problem was that the Mike Myers character had become so popular that this film bombed spectacularly at the box office and incited the wrath of horror movie fans world over for the sole reason of not having anything to do with Michael Myers ….

Is this a bad film? No! It's actually a pretty good film (as with all Carpenter films) and its quite an engaging story if you can get past the fact that Michael Myers isn't in it. History has proven Carpenter right to some degree as the movie is now held in high regards amongst horror buffs.

Basically the film revolves around central character Dan (Tom Atkins) who is investigating the death of a patient in hospital in the few days before Halloween, who was killed by what was then thought to be a crazy person but no answers could be found as the man killed himself shortly after in the carpark. Dan teams up with the murdered guys daughter and further investigations point to a mask factory,  The Silver Shamrock in a nearby town Santa Mira and a belief that 'they' are out to kill him. This kind of movie revolves around a detailed plot and I wouldn't feel good going into too much detail for fear of ruining for you guys... Lets just say something a lot stranger than a factory producing a few children's mask is afoot

Over all like I said its a great film and engrossing from start to finish ...  This one has a very similar feel to another of Carpenters films, They Live, and if you can mentally disconnect yourself from the fact there's no Michael Myers in it, its a great film!

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