Saturday, 12 May 2018


Now this is a refreshing change, a horror/comdey that's actually funny.... While I doubt anything in this movie would scare anyone reading this blog this is a genuinely funny watch. Elvira (most famous for her movie compare's in the 80s) stars as herself in the 1800's as a struggling performer making her way from from Carpathia to Paris (with no money) where she is to perform as part of some review.

Elvira and her assistant are picked up by a business man who is making his way to Romania and the Elvira spends the night in a castle owned by the business associate he's supposed to meet, where it is discovered she bares a striking resemblance to the Owner's (Lord Hellsebus) deceased wife Ellura

The plot thickens as basically everyone in the household seems to loose their minds over the Ellura connection... A mystery which Elvira comically gets to the bottom of in her own unique way.

Whilst in the castle Elvira gets up to her usual hijinks an of course looks stunning in her black and rather asset revealing trademark dress. The cheesy jokes, black humor, some musical numbers and innuendo we all love are here, though not as obvious as in the first film. It's nothing to be taken too seriously and is probably best enjoyed with a light heart... leave your brain at the door and have a good laugh!. I found this one to be immensely fun, though I will say I liked Elvira's first movie better.

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