Monday, 4 April 2016


Ok, this one doesn't fit into the genre of horror but its been receiving some very harsh reviews online, so I wanted to weigh in with my humble opinion.

I used to read comic books as a kid, Batman and Superman were amongst the ones I loved. That was in the mid eighties.... but to be honest I haven't followed much in the way of comic books since I discovered the joys of heavy metal. 30 years later and these two superhero's have transcended another generation and and now enjoyed by kids all over the world in much the same way I did as a child....

The harsh reviews I'm seeing online, are mainly originating from comic book nerds, self styled guardians of the comic book mythos. I don't have a problem with that necessarily but for those of us who just go to movies to enjoy them, without over analysing everything I think this is a great watch, my kid, who is 12 thought it was great too.

Movies have come so far and this is visually spectacular, the CGI effects are stunning and the soundtrack really comes out when you experience it in the premium cinema environment.... (this was the first time I'd had the leather reclining chairs in the movie hall) To be honest I can't remember the finer points of the entire history of these two DC superhero's but it seemed to fit in fairly well with the comic books as far as I could remember (except for the Lex Luthor being so young in the same timeframe as an adult Superman and I have no idea what Wonder Woman really had to do with the film except to build the foundations for a new spin off....) whilst still maintaining a fresh edge and staying current for the next generation of kids experiencing superhero's. Some dark rigious overtones and a reasonably involved plot keep it interesting for the parents or older fans which ever you may be.

Many people had reservations about Ben Affleck playing Batman but I think he did a great job, but seriously how hard could it be to play a surly introvert? Superman was a little darker than he has been portrayed in the 80's flims more along the lines of the 'man of steel' movie and Jesse Eisenberg (whom I normally detest) did a great job as a young Lex Luthor

 If you like your action big and loud with awesome CGI this will do it for you, your kids will love it and if you can leave the inner cynic behind your inner child will love it too.

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