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I've been trying to track this one down for ages to check it out... not much chance of seeing this one at your local DVD outlet, so I had to stream it on one of those 'free to watch' sites. I don't normally advocate those but I guess if you're not likely to find it anywhere else what can you do? This one is well worth the effort of finding it anywhere you can!

boxing helena movie review posted at http://www.gorenography.comThis movie is an excellently shot and produced film with Julian Sands (from the Warlock series of movies) perfectly cast as the creepy Dr. Nick who develops and unholy obsession with a one night stand he had, Helena. Try as he might he can't get her out of his head ...To be fair, Helena is one of the most beautiful creatures walking the earth.... After watching this film I think I'm a little obsessed by her... Filling out her role perfectly is Sherylin Fenn.

Helena is a man eater, she is sexy and she knows it, manipulating men and throwing them away like garbage. As a bizzare twitst of fate -helped along by Dr. Nick, would have it our dear Helena gets in a car crash and Dr. Nick seizes the opportunity to amputate her legs and later on her arms and keep her to himself for his own perverted pleasures.

This is I guess what you'd call an erotic thriller, not so much horror but the thought of obsession going as far as it did in this case is certainly unnerving, yet creepily saucy. Even though its quite a well made film I feel a little ashamed at myself for enjoying it so much.

I remember there was a bit of controversy when this film was being cast as originally it was supposed to feature Madonna, who declined the role after she had agreed to it upon realising the nudity and concepts involved in the film (I can't say I blame her either)  but despite such a genuinely disturbing plot and subject matter it failed miserably at the box office, condemened to a live of obscurity and to be featured in blogs such as this

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