Saturday, 2 September 2017

THE MUMMY (1932)

I thought it was time to fire up the old VHS player and give this one a spin. These old VHS tapes do have a certain charm, Its strange to think some guy probably paid a lot of money for this back in the day (as indeed I did too back in the 90's) and now I find myself  having to sift through a couple hundred of them which I got for next to nothing.

This was one such treasure, with child like enthusiasm I fed it into the "state of the art" 6 head, Hifi VCR and went back to the couch to absorb this film in all its grainy, black and white, VHS glory.

Realistically this film is obviously dated but I think its an interesting watch the story and plot line holds interest and the dialogue is excellent. As a child of the 80's glory days of horror its hard to go back and put myself into the mind of someone watching this in the 1930's would this film have frightened audiences back in the day? hard to say.... there's some chilling dialogue but overall its an easy watch.

The film revolves around a group of archaeologists who unearth the mummy of the Egyptian Phaoroh, Imhotep... (in much the same way I unearthed these VHS tapes) and inadvertently resurrect him by reading out from the ancient scroll of Thoth. Played by horror legend Boris Karloff the mummy returns as an Egyptian character named Ardeth (spelling???)  instructing the archaeologists on where to find the treasures of Imhotep's tomb. My only real criticism of the film is that its hard to follow how the Mummy came back as the Egyptian Ardeth and why the scientists would even listen to him in the first place.... but regardless the Mummy is set on finding his long lost lady love from Ancient Egypt whom he believes has been re-incarnated as a modern woman.

Overall a cool watch and shrouded in what can only be described as an old world charm that only these vintage era horror films can have.

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