Friday, 28 April 2017

THE EXORCIST 2 (the heretic)

The Exorcist 2 had some massive shoes to fill after the legendary effort that was the first film (universally regarded as one of the best horror films of all time) and sadly it falls well short...... Not to say that it's a bad film, in fact it's quite alright but is not the follow up that the first film deserved. It apparantly copping a panning at the box office and at the hands of critics at the time and to be honest I never even bothered watching it until  now after years of wondering what ever became of young Reagan who got possessed by a demon.

Young Reagan has now grown into young woman / teenager who by repressing memories, put the unpleasant incidents of the first movie behind her.... Reagan is undergoing counselling and in an effort to understand the possession and the death of the priest, father Marrin that exorcised her in the first film, a new priest, father Lamont (also a friend of the deceased priest father Marrin) wants to question Reagan, but her psychologist thinks recollecting the incidents would be too traumatic so she suggests Reagan undergoes a hypnotic treatment which somehow re-awakens the demon Pazuzu (who possessed her in the first film)

While the subject matter of this film really appeals to me, I find the movie watches like a TV special. Its cool enough for what it is, but definitely not the successor the first movie demanded. Some shit house special effects really serve to cheapen it too. One thing I really did like about the movie is that it expanded on the demon Pazuzu that took control of young Reagan in the first film. If you have a deeper interest in religion and demonology this could be of great interest to you, there are many aspects of this film which would appeal to those interested in religious history and they are little details, if not watched closely would be missed, if you don't have any real interest in religious history / mythology I'm not sure this movie would serve any purpose other than answering the question "I wonder what happened to that girl from the Exorcist"?

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