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Well then,,,, this one has certainly gained a bad boy reputation around the internet as one of the nastiest films ever made, and to be fair I have to agree with them. The film itself has been banned in many countries including Germany (which says something) and has become the stuff of internet legend.

This IS without doubt one of the nastiest pieces of work to be put to film and sits firmly in the torture porn  genre bordering on snuff films..... Which makes me wonder if I ever saw a real snuff film would it be as abrasive as this film anyway? Did a film this graphic and disturbing need to be made? It was the same question I asked myself after watching Salo. For what its worth I think this is actually a good film, it is well shot, the acting is great and the violence is beyond graphic, probably more so than the real thing. Plot wise it is almost ingenious, which worries me even more because whoever directed this is sick, perverted bastard to even think of putting this stuff to film, but again I have to hand it to the bastard it is a great film well thought out and the plot development is fiendish and keeps you rivetted to the edge of your seat... While making you die a little inside from the fact that you want to keep watching such disturbing stuff. This is for only the most hardened of horror / movie fans... Again like Salo I'm not going to link it here but the more industrious of you guys and gals I'm sure will figure out a way to get it (It is available for online purchase) and on unscrupulous download sites as well.

The plot centres around Milosh a retired Serbian porno actor, who has met a great girl and started a family. Its been a few years since his last acting job and money is starting to run a little thin, so he agrees to one last job which he is told will be his big payout and set him and his family up for the rest of his life. The job is described as 'art porn' and Milosh starts to participate in the filming but is creeped by the first scene and the fact there is sexual violence and a child present on set and of course backs out.... He then wakes up a bloody beaten mess in his own bed and realises bit by bit that he had been drugged and forced to participate in a series of scenes so disgusting he can barely bring himself to remember them. What has happened to the film crew? His family? Co-stars? It is of course a grizzly, sick, perverted mess as Milosh backtracks the grim events that led him to where he is now... But I'll leave that up to you guys to find out if you dare to watch the film

This is a trip into the sick perverted world of child porn / rape  and snuff films and the vile creatures that create this stuff... it is by no means is it pretty. Again like I said this film isn't for everyone, and it I actually wonder if the director of this film should be put on a watch list of some sort. But it was a captivating and grim watch.

I died a little inside.

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