Saturday, 27 May 2017


One of the stupidest movies of all time produced by the guys at Troma Films. who are renowned for producing B grade crap of the highest order. This one is so crappy it actually becomes quite funny in a "Cant take my eyes off the car crash" type of way.

The plot follows the exploits of halpless nerd Melvin who just can't seem to catch a break, he works a crappy job cleaning at the local gym and is the brunt of all jokes until one day a prank goes too far and Melvin is humiliated beyond all belief and dives out the window into a conveniently placed vat of toxic waste and is transformed into the Toxic Avenger ... A mutant hero of superhuman strength and subhuman intelligence, who goes about fighting crime in his own unique but violent and hilarious way.

As you can no doubt guess this is nothing to be taken too seriously, it's kitchy as all hell and much of the violence (whilst earning it an R rating in Australia) is cartoon-ish in nature, many of the sight gags are pretty much lifted out of Saturday morning cartoons but infused with high level blood and guts. In fact that's how I'd describe the Toxic Avenger, as an ultra violent cartoon shot on film, complete with goofy sound effects and cheesy dialogue / accents.

Overall I think it's definately worth watching once, its a good laugh if you can get past the cheesiness of it all, and I quite enjoyed the film back int he 90's when I first saw it and this time when re-watching it I have to admit it was a pretty fun watch for a run through 20 + years later. Mindless, retarded fun.

Anyway I've included the video link from Youtube below for your viewing pleasure

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